Nokia Series 80

Nokia Series 80

Nokia Series 80 (formerly "Crystal") is a platform for enterprise and professional level mobile phones made by Nokia. It uses the Symbian OS. Common physical properties to this Symbian OS user interface type is a screen resolution of 640 x 200 pixels and a full QWERTY keyboard.

Current Nokia Series 80 phones;
* Nokia 9210 (S80 v1.0)
* Nokia 9210i (S80 v1.0)
* Nokia 9290 (S80 v1.0)
* Nokia 9300 (S80 v2.0)
* Nokia 9300i (S80 v2.0)
* Nokia 9500 (S80 v2.0)

Features of Nokia Series 80 phones;
* Support for editing popular office documents
* Full QWERTY keyboard
* Integrated mouse for navigation
* SSL/TLS support
* Full web browser based on Opera
* VPN support

Future of Series 80

Nokia has not opted to use the Series 80 platform in its latest Communicator mobile phone, the Nokia E90. There currently are no known Series 80 smartphones being developed.

Game emulators for S80 phones

* [ Doom emulator for S80]
* [ SCUMM emulator for S80 (allows you to play games like Monkey Island, etc.)]

External links

* [ Symbian Series 80 Forum] @

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