Bagatelle (disambiguation)

Bagatelle (disambiguation)

Bagatelle may refer to:

* Bagatelle, a table game and the predecessor of the pinball machine
* Bagatelle (band), an Irish rock band
* Bagatelle (music), a musical form
* Bagatelle (opera), an opéra-comique by Offenbach
* Bagatelle (literary technique), a literary tool
* Château de Bagatelle, a castle in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris
* Bagatelle, a theme park in Berck, France
* Bagatelle, a village in southeastern Dominica.
* Concours de roses de Bagatelle - the City of Paris International competition for new roses at the Château de Bagatelle
* Bagatelle, a restaurant in Oslo, Norway.
* Bagatelle is a science fiction short story by John Varley (author)

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