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Origin Puebla, Mexico
Genres Rock, Post-punk, Alternative
Years active 1992–present
Labels Independent
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Druidas is a rock band featuring Patricio (guitars and vocals), Güera (bass) and Chespi (drums).

Very early on, they decided to eschew any trace of Latin Music influences in their sound and, instead, geared towards a style that mixed elements of classic rock, alternative rock, celtic music and, later in their career, Americana.

In a time when independent music was all but dead in Mexico, they managed to release three albums (Siete, 2000, Druidas-Druidas, 2003, La Bestia, 2004), tour Mexico incessantly (as well as part of the USA) and get their songs and videos played in commercial (as well as college) radio and TV.

They helped pave the way for what in the mid 2000's became thriving independent scene, spearheaded by bands like Zoé, AustinTV and Porter.



The Puebla Years (1992-1994)

The band was originally formed in Puebla, Mexico, in 1992.

Patricio, Güera and Chespi met while studying in the same high-school. In fact, their first rehearsals took place at their school's auditorium.

They were lucky in that they played in front of packed audiences from their very first gig. By 1993, they had become local darlings and were instrumental in the birth of a professional music scene in the, then, pretty provincial city of Puebla. By that time, also, they had been joined by keyboardist Fernando.

However, centralism was still very much a reality in Mexico back in the early 1990s and, since they had never played in Mexico City, they remained literally unknown outside of Puebla.

Their first quasi-official release was a compilation cassette under the name of "Ñ, Sonidos Nuevos Desde Puebla" (1993) featuring other bands from their hometown (like Unión Libre, La Candida Eréndira, Metafora, La Viuda and Sátira).

Mexico City (1995-1999)

In 1995 they moved to Mexico City. Personal issues meant the departure of Fernando and he was soon replaced by Alicia who, besides playing keyboards also handled backing vocals.

Despide daily practice and several ideas and projects, little was done during the second half of the 1990s.

In 1995 they obtained the 4th place in the Battle of the Bands held by Mexico's most prestigious rock club, Rockotitlán. And, one year later, they obtained the same result in the "El Rock nos Pertenece" contest organized by Orbita 105.7, the premier rock station in Mexico City (now under the name "Reactor").

It can be noted, also, that it was during this period that they began adding highland pipes to their sound. Although their first piper was Marco Caturegli, their longest-serving piper to date goes by the name of César Ramirez.

During that period, as well, Alicia joined Aurora y la Academia, a band signed to BMG and, eventually, left Druidas for good.

The First Album (2000-2002)

Shortly after the Alicia split, Fernando rejoined the band and the decision to release a proper first album was made.

With the help of "400 Lunas" (a young label linked to CD distributors JM Distribuidores), Druidas recorded "Siete" (with a budget of around $2000) and began to tour the country.

+"Siete" was voted the Best Pop/Rock debut in the year 2000 edition of the "Nuestro Rock" survey.

+In February 2001 it was featured as CD of the week in Imagen 90.5, arguably the best radio station in Mexico City at the time.

+Although their first single, Finn, failed to chart in Mexico City, it reached the top spot in many radio stations around the country and abroad. Unable to fly to Lima, Peru, for a live interview, they recorded the answers to questions sent by email in a CD that was later played by the dj after reading the questions live and on air.

+The video for the same song was voted among the top 50 in the year 2000, according to TeleHit, Mexico's most important video channel.


Siete (2000)

  1. Intro (Finisterre)
  2. Bajo las Estrellas
  3. Duendes
  4. ACB
  5. Piel de Foca
  6. Rito
  7. Siete
  8. Gelatina
  9. Hazel
  10. Finn
  11. Uruk

Druidas (2003)

  1. Zulu
  2. El Mundo y Cristina
  3. Faith
  4. A Gift
  5. Land Beyond the Sea
  6. Lara
  7. Odisea Burbujas
  8. Alamos County
  9. Canción de Invierno
  10. Nomeolvides
  11. Tree
  12. Río Grande
  13. Caesar

La Bestia (2004)

  1. La Bestia
  2. Amau Laulu
  3. Gálata
  4. Barley
  5. Lumiere
  6. Pequeñas Victorias
  7. Siete
  8. Piel de Foca
  9. Canción de Lluvia
  10. Hijos del Bosque
  11. El Bardo


  • Druidas-pato-small.png Patricio Morales (Pato - Guitars/Vocals)
  • Druidas-guera-small.png Jorge Godshall (Güera - Bass)
  • Druidas-chespi-small.png Jorge López (Chespi - Drums/Percussion)

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