East Bird's Head languages

East Bird's Head languages
East Bird's Head
Linguistic classification: Extended West Papuan ?
  • East Bird's Head – Sentani
    • East Bird's Head
Ethnologue code: 1567-16

The East Bird's Head languages form a language family of three languages in the "Bird's Head" Peninsula of western New Guinea, spoken by only 20,000 people in all.

Stephen Wurm identifies the subdivisions of his Papuan classification as families (on the order of the Germanic languages), stocks (on the order of the Indo-European languages), and phyla (on the order of the Nostratic hypothesis). East Bird's Head is a stock in this terminology. A language that is not related to any other at a family level, such as Greek within Indo-European, will be called an isolate in this scheme.


East Bird's Head stock (3 languages)

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