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:"This article is about "Personal Computer World", a British computer magazine. For the unrelated U.S. magazine, see PC World (magazine). For the unrelated British retailer, see PC World (retailer)."

Personal Computer World (usually referred to as PCW) is a long-running British Computer magazine, founded by the Yugoslavian-born Angelo Zgorelec [ "About the authors"] , Article retrieved 2006-11-24.] in 1978 [ "Founding Father"] , Personal Computer World (via Article retrieved 2006-11-24.] .

PCW went monthly from the second edition. Zgorelec was publisher for the first 16 issues, and then went into partnership with Felix Dennis before selling the title to VNU. The magazine is currently owned by Incisive Media.

At present, PCW features a mixture of articles, mainly related to the Windows PC, with some Linux and Macintosh-related content. The news pages include reports on various new technologies. Large parts of the magazine are taken up with reviews of computers and software. There is also a 'Hands On' section which is more tutorial-based. Advertising still makes up a large proportion of its bulk, although this has diminished somewhat since its peak in the 1990s.

The magazine typically comes with a cover-mounted CD or DVD, the latter containing additional content. Although the magazines themselves are identical, those with a free DVD cost significantly more than those with a free CD.

Despite containing a high proportion of Windows PC content (reflecting the current state of the IT field), the magazine's title was not intended as a specific reference to this. At its inception in 1978 'personal computer' was still a generic term, and did not refer specifically to the Wintel (or 'IBM PC compatible') platform; in fact, such a thing did not exist at the time (the original IBM PC itself would not be launched for another three years). Similarly, the magazine is unrelated to the Amstrad PCW.

At one stage, the magazine was (effectively) sold as 'PCW', but this abbreviation was dropped from the cover after just a few issues.

The magazine has changed (both in terms of style and content) on many occasions since its launch. The latest major change took place with the November 2005 issue, when the magazine was relaunched with an updated look (including glossier paper and a redesigned layout), new features, fewer advertising pages, and a slightly higher price tag.


As the magazine was launched four years before the first IBM PC (reviewed in the magazine in November 1981) the magazine originally covered early self-build microcomputers. It later expanded its coverage to all kinds of microcomputers from home computers to workstations, as the industry evolved. Regular features in the earlier years of the magazine were Guy Kewney's "Newsprint" section, "Benchtests" (in-depth computer reviews), "Subset", covering machine code programming, type-in program listings, "Bibliofile" (book reviews), the "Computer Answers" help column, "Checkouts" (brief hardware reviews) "TJ's Workshop" (for technical junkies), "Screenplay" for game reviews and "Banks' Statement", the regular column from Martin Banks [ [ The PCW index] 1978-June 1989] .

The distinctive cover style, with a single photo or illustration dominating the page, was adopted soon after its launch and continued until the early 1990s.

The magazine also sponsored the Personal Computer World Show, an annual trade fair held in London every September from 1978 to 1989.


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