Gold Line (MARTA)

Gold Line (MARTA)

     Gold Line
Type rapid transit
System Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Status operational
Locale Atlanta, Georgia
Termini Doraville (northeast)
Airport (south)
Stations 18 (4 Northeast, 6 North, Five Points, 7 South)
Opened 1981
Operator(s) MARTA
Electrification third rail
Highest elevation at grade, elevated, underground
Red & Gold Lines
Urban head station
North Springs Parking, Ridestore
Unknown BSicon "uBHFCCe"
Sandy Springs Parking, Ridestore
Exit urban tunnel
Urban station on track
Dunwoody Parking
Unknown BSicon "uAKRZo"
Interstate 285
Urban straight track Urban head station
Doraville Parking
Unknown BSicon "uBHFCCe" Urban straight track
Medical Center Parking
Exit urban tunnel Urban station on track
Chamblee Parking
Urban straight track Urban station on track
Brookhaven/Oglethorpe Parking
Unknown BSicon "uBHFCCe" Urban straight track
Exit urban tunnel Urban station on track
Lenox Parking, Ridestore
Unknown BSicon "uAKRZo" Unknown BSicon "uAKRZo"
Georgia 400
Urban junction from left Waterway turning to right
Enter urban tunnel
Unknown BSicon "uBHFCCa"
Lindbergh Center Parking, Ridestore
Unknown BSicon "uAKRZo"
Interstate 85
Enter urban tunnel
Urban tunnel station on track
Arts Center
Urban tunnel station on track
Urban tunnel station on track
North Avenue
Urban tunnel station on track
Civic Center
Urban tunnel station on track
Peachtree Center
Unknown BSicon "utSTRq" Unknown BSicon "utTHSTt" Unknown BSicon "utSTRq"
Five Points East-West Line, Ridestore
Unknown BSicon "uBHFCCa"
Unknown BSicon "uAKRZo"
Interstate 20
Urban station on track
West End Parking
Urban station on track
Oakland City Parking
Urban station on track
Lakewood/Fort McPherson Parking
Urban station on track
East Point Parking
Enter urban tunnel
Unknown BSicon "uBHFCCa"
College Park Parking
Unknown BSicon "uAKRZo"
Interstate 85
Urban End station Airport
Airport Ridestore

The Gold Line is a rapid transit line in the MARTA rail system. It operates between Doraville and Airport stations, running through Doraville, Chamblee, Atlanta, East Point and College Park.

The Gold Line was previously called the Northeast-South Line until MARTA switched to a color-based naming system in October 2009. The North-South Line, from its launch, was considered one line (denoted with the Orange Line color on old system maps) until 2006 when the North Branch and the Northeast branch were redesignated as the North-South Line (the current Red Line) and the Northeast-South Line (the current Gold Line). Technically, with the 2009 designation change, there is no longer a mention of the color orange for the line.

The rail line was part of the initial launch of MARTA rail service in 1981. The first segment ran from the Garnett to the North Avenue stations, although the Peachtree Center opened the year after as an infill. In 1982, it expanded north to Arts Center, and in 1984, expanded as far north as Brookhaven and as far south as Lakewood/Fort McPherson. The East Point station opened, extending the line two miles to the south. A little more than a year later, the Chamblee station began service and served as the temporary terminus of the North Line. In 1988, the Airport station opened, and became the terminus of the South Line. In 1992, the North-South Line was extended northward to its current terminus at Doraville. In 1996, MARTA extended North Line services to Dunwoody. This created two branches of the North Line, and the Doraville branch was redesignated as the Northeast Line to avoid confusion. It finally extended north to its current terminus at North Springs in 2000.

Now known as the Gold Line, it shares trackage with its counterpart, the Red Line, between Airport and just north of the Lindbergh Center.

Naming controversy

When the color-based name change was proposed, the planned name for this line was the Yellow Line. However, in February 2010, the name was revised to Gold in order to address a concern among the Asian-American residents along the rail corridor.[1] The section of the Gold Line that is not shared by the Red Line has a significant number of Asian-American residents, to whom the term "yellow" is considered derogatory.[1]


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