National Register of Historic Places listings in Monroe County, Wisconsin

National Register of Historic Places listings in Monroe County, Wisconsin

Buildings, sites, districts, and objects in Monroe County listed on the National Register of Historic Places

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted November 10, 2011.[1]

This document is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Monroe County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties, the latitude and longitude coordinates of which are included below, may be seen in a Google map.[2]

[3] Landmark name [4] Image Date listed Location City or town Summary
1 Kendalls Depot 01981-08-12August 12, 1981 North Railroad Street
43°47′35″N 90°22′09″W / 43.793056°N 90.369167°W / 43.793056; -90.369167 (Kendalls Depot)
2 Albert and Theresa Marx House 02007-08-16August 16, 2007 805 Cashton Avenue
43°44′45″N 90°46′54″W / 43.745833°N 90.781667°W / 43.745833; -90.781667 (Albert and Theresa Marx House)
3 Monroe County Courthouse
Monroe County Courthouse
01982-03-09March 9, 1982 418 West Main Street
43°56′37″N 90°48′44″W / 43.943611°N 90.812222°W / 43.943611; -90.812222 (Monroe County Courthouse)
4 St. John's Episcopal Church
St. John's Episcopal Church
01983-03-18March 18, 1983 400 North Water Street
43°56′49″N 90°50′36″W / 43.946944°N 90.843333°W / 43.946944; -90.843333 (St. John's Episcopal Church)
5 Sparta Free Library
Sparta Free Library
01981-09-03September 3, 1981 Court and Main Streets
43°56′39″N 90°48′41″W / 43.944167°N 90.811389°W / 43.944167; -90.811389 (Sparta Free Library)
Sparta Carnegie Library, built 1902.
6 Sparta Masonic Temple
Sparta Masonic Temple
01987-09-25September 25, 1987 200 West Main Street
43°56′41″N 90°48′45″W / 43.944722°N 90.8125°W / 43.944722; -90.8125 (Sparta Masonic Temple)
Sparta Monroe County Museum
7 Tomah Post Office
Tomah Post Office
02000-12-07December 7, 2000 903 Superior Avenue
43°58′42″N 90°30′18″W / 43.978333°N 90.505°W / 43.978333; -90.505 (Tomah Post Office)
8 Tomah Public Library
Tomah Public Library
01976-05-28May 28, 1976 716 Superior Avenue
43°58′47″N 90°30′14″W / 43.979722°N 90.503889°W / 43.979722; -90.503889 (Tomah Public Library)
9 Walczak-Wontor Quarry Pit Workshop
Walczak-Wontor Quarry Pit Workshop
01999-07-08July 8, 1999 Address Restricted
10 Water Street Commercial Historic District
Water Street Commercial Historic District
01992-11-12November 12, 1992 Roughly bounded by K, Main, Bridge, and Spring Streets and Jefferson Avenue
43°56′39″N 90°48′41″W / 43.944167°N 90.811389°W / 43.944167; -90.811389 (Water Street Commercial Historic District)
11 William G. and Anne Williams House
William G. and Anne Williams House
02005-06-01June 1, 2005 220 East Franklin Street
43°56′46″N 90°48′29″W / 43.946111°N 90.808056°W / 43.946111; -90.808056 (William G. and Anne Williams House)


  1. ^ "National Register of Historic Places: Weekly List Actions". National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior. Retrieved on November 10, 2011.
  2. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided is primarily from the National Register Information System, and has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For 1%, the location info may be way off. We seek to correct the coordinate information wherever it is found to be erroneous. Please leave a note in the Discussion page for this article if you believe any specific location is incorrect.
  3. ^ Numbers represent an ordering by significant words. Various colorings, defined here, differentiate National Historic Landmark sites and National Register of Historic Places Districts from other NRHP buildings, structures, sites or objects.
  4. ^ "National Register Information System". National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service. . 

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