List of Delta Omicron patrons and patronesses

List of Delta Omicron patrons and patronesses

This is a list of Delta Omicron patrons and patronesses.

List of Patrons & Patronesses of Delta Omicron

Name Profession(s) Date of Induction
Bruce Abel Baritone
Josef Alexander Composer, Educator
Claude Almond* Educator
Betsy Anthony Educator
Claudio Arrau* Pianist
Milton Babbitt Composer October 9, 2000[1]
Joseph Banowetz Pianist
Samuel Barber* Composer
Sir John Barbirolli* Conductor
Edmund Battersby Pianist March 27, 2007[1]
Jack Beeson Composer, Educator
Jean Berger* Composer
Gustave Bergman Manager, Coach
Philip Bezanson* Composer, Educator
Ronald T. Bishop Tubist 1983[2]
Jan Blankenship* Pianist, Educator
Joseph Bloch Pianist, Educator
William Bolcom Composer, Pianist July 2006[3]
Ben Bolt[4] Classical Guitarist
Harry John Brown Conductor
Gene Bruck Musicologist, Critic
Anshel Brusilow Conductor
Gregory Bueche* Educator
Fritz Busch* Conductor
Frank Cedrone Pianist
Stanley Chapple* Educator
Ernest Charles* Composer
Wilbur Chenoweth Organist, Composer
Philip Cho Tenor
Loris Chobanian Composer
Gary Ciepluch Conductor, Educator
Curtis Clark* Pianist, Impresario
J. Deforest Cline* Educator, Composer
Joseph W. Clokey* Educator, Composer
Kenton Coe Composer
Michael Colgrass Composer
J. Ralph Corbett Philanthropist
Dominic Cossa Bass
Louis Woodsen Curtis* Educator
Hollis Dann* Educator
J. B. Davis Bass
Norman Dello Joio* Composer
Joerg Demus Pianist
Misha Dichter Pianist April 13, 1999[1]
Wendel H. Diebel* Pianist, Composer, Educator
Walt Disney* Producer
Olin Downes* Critic
John Downey* Composer
Glen Drake* Educator
Marcel Dupré* Organist
Sidney Durst* Organist, Composer
John S. Edwards* Orchestra Manager
Cecil Effinger* Composer, Inventor, Educator
Halim El-Dabh Composer
Robert Elmore* Organist, Composer
Anders Emile* Educator
Georges Enesco* Violinist
Carl Eppert* Composer
Karl Eschmann* Educator, Composer
Simon Estes Bass-baritone
Bruce Ferden* Conductor
Ray Ferguson Organist
Francis Findlay* Educator
Harvey S. Firestone, Jr.* Philanthropist
Theodore Frank Fitch Composer
Carlisle Floyd Composer, Educator
Eugene Fodor Violinist
David Ford Bass
Henry Ford* Philanthropist
Lukas Foss* Conductor, Composer
Virgil Fox* Organist
Ossip Gabrilowitsch* Conductor, Pianist
Jay Anthony Gach Composer July 2006[3]
James Galway Flutist
Mary Garden* Soprano
George Gartlan* Educator
Karl Gehrkens* Educator
Vance George Conductor April 3, 2008[5][6][7]
Armando Ghitalla* Trumpeter
Vittorio Giannini* Composer, Educator
Becket Gibbs* Liturgical music scholar
David Gillingham Composer
Joseph Gingold* Violinist
Henry T. Ginsburg* Violinist, Educator
Richard Franko Goldman* Composer, Author, Conductor
Eugene Goossens* Conductor
Herbert Greenberg* Violinist
Shelley Gruskin Educator, Early Music Specialist
Camargo Guarnieri* Composer
Richard Hageman* Composer
Robert Hale Baritone
Jesse B. Hall* Manager
Carl Halvorson Tenor
Howard Hanson* Composer, Educator, Conductor
Guy Frazer Harrison Conductor
Louis Hasselmans* Conductor
Robert Hawkins* Educator
Walter Hendl* Conductor, Educator December 1, 1960[8]
Barre Hill* Baritone
Erik Hillman Pianist
Maurice Hinson Pianist
Ima Hogg* Philanthropist
Lorin Hollander Pianist
Stanley Hollingsworth* Composer
David Holsinger Composer, Conductor
Hal Hopson Composer
Royal Hughes* Educator
Virgil Hughes Dulcimer maker
Karel Husa Composer, Conductor
Donald Hustad Organist, Composer, Arranger, Educator
Roger Jacobi Educator
Henry Janiec Conductor, Pianist, Educator
Grant Johannesen* Pianist
Thor Johnson* Conductor, Educator
Vakhtang Jordania* Conductor
Sherwood Kains* Conductor
Martin Katz Pianist, Educator
Mrs. Albert F. Keister* Philanthropist
Okgill Kim* President of Ewha Womans University
Hans Kindler* Conductor
Tom Krause Baritone
Max Krone* Educator
Karl Krueger* Conductor
Rafael Kubelík* Conductor
Gail Kubik* Composer
Erich Kunzel* Conductor
George Kuyper Manager
Joseph Landers Composer
Hans Lange* Conductor
Benjamin Lees Composer, Educator
J. Reilly Lewis Organist and Choirmaster of the National Cathedral 2010[9]
Frank Little Tenor
Hugh Livingston Composer, Pianist November 6, 2003[10]
Normand Lockwood* Composer
Jesús López-Cobos Conductor
Austin Lovelace Composer, Organist
Noel Crawford Lovelace Conductor, Organist, Composer, Church musician
Lee Luvisi Pianist, Educator
George Lynn* Composer
Joseph E. Maddy* Educator, Conductor
Spiro Malas Baritone
Nicolai Malko* Conductor
Robert Marcellus* Educator, Conductor
Andre Marchal* Organist
Aubrey Martin* Educator
Joseph Martin Composer, Pianist June 12, 2008[6][7][11]
Jean Martinon* Conductor
David Maslanka Composer
William Mayer Composer
James McCray Composer, Educator
James Mead* Organist, Conductor, Composer
Sherrill Milnes Baritone
Estell E. Mohr Educator
Gordon Myers* Baritone July 1, 1987[12]
Donald Neuen Educator, Conductor
Albert Noelte* Educator
Geoffrey O'Hara* Composer
Marshall Onofrio Composer, Conductor, Educator
Paul Paray* Conductor
Luciano Pavarotti* Tenor
Vincent Persichetti* Composer
David Pew* Organist, Composer
Lloyd Pfautsch* Composer, Conductor, Educator
James Christian Pfohl Conductor, Educator
Gregor Piatagorsky* Cellist
Paul Plishka Baritone
John Pozdro Educator, Composer
Samuel Ramey Bass
Robert Rayfield* Organist December 1, 1976[13][14]
Buryl Red Composer, Music Director, Conductor of The CenturyMen, Producer November 18, 2009[15]
Seigwart Reichwald Conductor, Educator, Musicologist, Organist May 7, 2007[3][16]
Mike Reid Composer, Pianist
Fritz Reiner* Conductor
Wallingford Reigger* Composer
Bernard Rogers* Composer, Educator
Fred Rogers* Educator, Producer, Musician
Beryl Rubenstein* Educator
Julius Rudel Conductor, Opera Director
Eric Ruske French Hornist February 26, 2004[17]
John Rutter Composer, Conductor 1985[18]
Alexander Boggs Ryan* Organist
Carlos Salzedo* Harpist
David P. Sartor Composer, Conductor July 17, 2009[19]
Thomas Scherman* Conductor
Kenneth Schermerhorn* Conductor
Tito Schipa* Tenor
Thomas Schippers* Conductor
William Schuman* Composer, Administrator
Will Schwartz Conductor, Educator
John Seagle Baritone, Educator
Harry Seitz* Educator, Author, Conductor
Robert Shaw* Conductor
George Shirley Tenor
Beverly Sills* Soprano May 1, 1971[8]
Fowler Smith* Educator
Joseph Smith Conductor, Educator
Henry Sopkin Conductor
Albert Spalding* Violinist
Oley Speaks* Composer
Jon Spong* Organist, Composer, Accompanist March 21, 1990[8][20]
William Stone Baritone April 1, 2003[1]
Gustave Strube* Conductor, Composer
Shinichi Suzuki* Musician, Educator, Founder of Suzuki Method of Teaching
Waltraud Prange Suzuki Educator, Board Member of Suzuki Institute
Max Swarthout* Educator
Toshio Takahashi Musician, Flutist, Educator, Founder of Suzuki Flute Institute
Carl Tanner Tenor August 8, 2005[21][22]
Deems Taylor* Composer, Critic
Alexander Tcherepnin* Composer, Pianist
Henri Temiamka Violinist, Educator
John Charles Thomas* Baritone
Virgil Thomson* Composer
James Tocco Pianist
Werner Torkanowski Conductor
Noel Tredinnick Conductor
Norman Treigle* Bass-baritone
Kirk Trevor Conductor
Barry Tuckwell Hornist
Horace Tureman* Composer
Roy Underwood Educator, Pianist, Music Therapist
Isaac Von Grove* Conductor
Ramon Vinay* Tenor
Frank Laird Waller* Composer
Walter Watson Composer, Educator, Organist, Pianist
Milton Weber* Conductor
Douglas Weeks Pianist
Mrs. David Weir* Philanthropist
Reinald Werrenrath* Baritone
Paul W. Whear Composer
John White Composer, Cellist, Author December 11, 2005[22][23]
Robert Whitney* Conductor, Educator
Dean Wilder Tenor
Guy Bevier Williams* Composer
Gavin Williamson Harpsichordist
Beverly Wolff* Mezzo-soprano
Richard Worthing Conductor, Educator
Richard Yardumian* Composer, Pianist
Tibor Yusti; Marquis Von Arth Pianist
Berj Zamkochian* Organist
Harry Zelzer Impresario
Efrem Zimbalist* Violinist, Educator

"*"s indicate deceased patrons or patronesses.


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