Modern (disambiguation)

Modern (disambiguation)

Modern generally denotes something that is "up-to-date", "new", or contemporary.

It may refer to:

in philosophy and sociology
  • Modernity, a loosely defined concept delineating a number of societal, economic and ideological features that contrast with "pre-modern" times or societies
in history
in art
as a proper name
  • Modern (album), an album from the British punk rock band, Buzzcocks
  • Modern Records, Los Angeles record label
  • Modern (typeface) is a raster font packaged with Windows XP
  • Another name for the typeface classification known as Didone
  • Modern, a generic font family name for fixed-pitch serif and sans serif fonts (for example, Courier and Pica), used e.g. in OpenDocument format or Rich Text Format
  • Modernform Group, the furniture manufacturer and distributor in Thailand
  • Modern Defense, a chess opening
  • Modra, a Slovak city, referred to in the German language as "Modern"

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