Microgame (company)

Microgame (company)
Microgame S.p.A.
Type joint-stock company
Industry Online gambling
Founded Benevento, Italy (1996)
Founder(s) Fabrizio D'Aloia
Headquarters Benevento, Italy
Key people Fabrizio D'Aloia (President & CEO)
Massimiliano Casella (Marketing&Sales Director)
Revenue 248.67 mln (2009)[1]
Net income 11.76 mln (2009)[1]

Microgame S.p.A. is an Italian online gambling joint-stock company. The company operates both as an application service provider and developer of online platforms and integrated systems of service,[2] and through the online community People's Poker Network, which is made of more than 130 online partners in all Italy[3] and counts more than 1.5 million gaming accounts.[4]

Microgame has around 30% of Italian online poker market (as of October 2010)[5] and 27.1% of online sports betting market (9.4% of overall sports betting market,[6] as of July 2010).[7] Major shareholders in the company are private equity firms Monitor Clipper Partners[8] and TPG Growth.[9]


Microgame has been founded in 1996 by Italian engineer Fabrizio D'Aloia. Company's main activity was web applications development.[10]

In 1998, the company is along first movers in the online sports betting market, which at that time was just regulated. Subsequently, it became the first Italian service provider in the field,[11] and expanded services forniture also in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Georgia, Malta, Austria, and United Kingdom.[12] Between 2006 and 2007 (in this year, Microgame became a joint-stock company),[10] enters the online horse racing betting[13] and online instant lotteries markets.[14]

In 2008, Microgame expands its gaming services: in March, online version of several lotteries are released;[15] in May, launches the new integrated platform for members of the Microgame's network;[16] in July, is officially launched the People's Poker Network,[17] followed a few months later by a new online gaming portal,[18] after the regulation of online poker (September 2008).[19]

2009 is a year marked by an exponential growth: overall gathering from betting exceeded 1 billion euros; revenues exceeded 248 millions euros, producing a net income of 11 millions euros.[1] Microgame also established an online poker "pro" players team, the People's Poker Team Pro,[20] launched a new platform for online blackjack[21] and the first People's Network live event: the People's Poker Cruise (December 12–15, 2009), a Texas Hold'em tournament held on a cruise ship on the Civitavecchia–Barcellona route.[22]

In 2010, Microgame launched another live tournament, the People's Poker Tour, made of four legs to be held in four different venues: Kranjska Gora, Slovenia (April 9–12, 2010); Budapest, Hungary (June 9–12, 2010); Budva, Montenegro (September 15–18, 2010); and Nova Gorica, Slovenia (November 29-December 5, 2010).[23] More, also the new platform for online bingo is launched.[24]


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