Petz: Dogz 2 and Catz 2

Petz: Dogz 2 and Catz 2
Petz: Dogz 2 and Catz 2
Developer(s) Yuke's Future Media Creations
Publisher(s) Ubisoft Entertainment
Platform(s) Mac OS X, PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Wii
Release date(s) PlayStation 2
  • NA November 23, 2007
  • EU November 30, 2007
  • JP December 20, 2007
  • NA November 14, 2007
  • EU December 7, 2007
Genre(s) Adventure, Virtual Pet (PC and DS version)
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Media/distribution DVD, DS Card

Petz: Dogz 2 (わんこと魔法のぼうし Wanko to Mahou no Boushi?) and Petz: Catz 2 (にゃんこと魔法のぼうし Nyanko to Mahou no Boushi?) are video games for the PC, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2 and Wii, the latter two are similar to The Dog Island. Players can choose from 40 breeds of dogs or cats, in Dogz most breeds have a choice of two fur colours. In the UK these games are titled Dogz and Catz.

Using Sniffing in Dogz or "Whiskers Radar" in Catz, the player can find items both for completing quests or as collectables.


The Petz Catz 2 Game Story (PS2 and Wii versions)

The beginning

It all starts at the player's house, in this little area called South Pawville. The player is a kitten. The mother is Ione and the father is Arvin. In the beginning, Arvin talks to the player about the "Magic Hat". The Magic Hat is the hat that has been passed down their family tree for generations. The main purpose of the Magic Hat is to protect the world of cats from evildoers who want to destroy it. The animal wearing the Magic Hat will gain amazing power. The power to do anything. If used by the wrong animal (evildoers), then the user will eventually become nothing but pure evil. Ok, back to the story. Arvin has just received this from the player's (kitten's) grandfather in the game, and tells the player about how important the Magic Hat is, and why it should never be used for evil, and only good, and the vow he made to use it only for good. Then, Ione says we seem to have a visitor. Then, the player's friend, Victor, comes over to play outside.

Victor's plan

When outside in the South village, Victor tells the player about this villain (who wants to get his paws on the Magic Hat) wolf named Ivlet. He says that Ivlet has finally been caught, and is now in a cage at the police station in North Pawville. He asked if the player wants to take a look, and then the player says, sure. So then, they go inside the police station, and see Ivlet sleeping. Victor says looks like he's sleeping. Then the sheriff police, Ada, comes over, and asks who's there, in a loud voice. She says oh its just you two, and tells a little bit about how evil Ivlet the wolf really is, but also how he is somewhat nocturnal. She then says go on and go home. Then Victor asks the player did you hear what she said, and Victor explains that since Ada told that Ivlet sleeps during the day, and comes out at night. So he asks the player to come again tonight, so they can maybe see Ivlet awake and moving around, and when Ada is gone. Then he suggests to play at this beach called Dolphin Coast, until then.

Playing at Dolphin Coast

At the beach, Victor and the player start a game of Cops and Robbers (chase). At that time, the player learns how to move around and run. Then they play Robbers next. At that time, the player learns how to sniff and find things, and dig them up. Then they start to catch Cabbage Butterflies. At that time, the player learns how to catch insects with a Bug Cage. Then they start to fish for Sardines. At that time, the player learns how to fish using a Fishing Tackle. Then, Victor tells the player that he is tired and taking a break, and then the player will sniff, learn, fish, and catch, for free, and then eventually will ask to leave home. Then they agree, and head off to South Pawville. But as they were walking home and talking about Ivlet, this like beach women, named Augusta, at Dolphin Coast beach hears the story, and asks them to come over and talk with her. And she tells them how evil Ivlet is, and how they should never go nere him. But before she gets them in trouble, Victor and the player run away, and escape. Victor sighs in relief. And then again, they agree to have Victor pick the player up to go see Ivlet.

Donut Delivery

At this time, the player goes home, and talks to Ione. Ione hands donuts to the player, and tells him or her to pass them out through the Southern village to everyone who has not yet got one (Ione's role is to be a good baker and maker of things). Then the player passes them to these catz: Gertrude at the Drug Store; Tom at the Pawn Shop; Shelia at the Fashion House; Charles at the Aquarium; Kenneth at the Zoo. After that, she goes inside the house and gives the player his or her allowance for helping her, and then tells the player that she or he can now go outside and play (this is when nighttime comes and Victor is waiting outside for the player).

Ivlet's trick

Victor and the player then reunite and put their heads together, in the saying of "lets do it". Then they enter the police station, and then Ivlet wakes up, and ask who goes there. The player and Victor then tell Ivlet about why they were there, and then Ivlet says well whatever. And then Ivlet thought of a trick that would trick any small kitten or puppy. He starts out by asking how about talking with me for a little bit, just friendly-like, and when Victor and the player tell them "what", Ivlet then says well I am in a cage here, so even if I wanted to do something horrible, I couldn't. So then the three started talking about the legendary Magic Hat, and Victor and the player talk about how it exists and is real, and how it is on this very island, and Victor tells Ivlet that the player's father, Arvin, has the Magic Hat, and then Ivlet says well ain't that dandy. Then Ivlet started now is next evil plan. He asks if you want me to finally believe that the Magic Hat exists, bring it here to me to see. Then Victor asks the player if the player can bring over the Magic Hat just for a little while for Ivlet to see, and then the player says Ok, I suppose. And the player returns to the police station with the Magic Hat. Then Victor says so you have seen it, so that is enough right?. Then Ivlet cries, sartastically, hey, oh no, look there, its ripped!. Victor and the player then asks, it is, because I do not see where.... Then Ivlet says this is bad, and imagine what would happen if it is left like this!. Victor then says if it really is damaged, it might be our fault. Then Ivlet yells out do not tell me you still cannot see the rip, if you do not believe me then bring it a little closer, and I will show you. Now listen, this is the evil plan Ivlet has made up, to how to get the Magic Hat. Victor and the player then agree, and say you have my word, now where is it ripped, and then the player carries it to the front of the cage. Then Ivlet then jumps up, speedily, and takes the Magic Hat in his jaws, through the bars, and puts it on his head, and says I have been waiting for this!. Then Victor and the player are like Oh no, Ivlet no!. Then they race out of the police station chasing Ivlet, when Ivlet magically rows into this ball, and escapes the Police Station, where the player and Victor chase him back to South Pawville, where he starts doing a lot of evil things! You now have got to read the rest of the beginning!

Ivlet's damage

Then, Ivlet comes to Pawville and does serious damage to the Pawn Shop, Flowerbed, Fashion House, Aquarium, Zoo, Drug Store, one of the two bridges, and hurts many of the villagers of South Pawville, and then in North Pawville, he wrecks the family waterwheel, and leads to Whisker Woods, the forest. And then, he goes off to the zoo, and makes the animals, like the bear, lion, gorilla, boar, and kiwi bird escape, and all the other animals. And then, he wrangles up the wild animals, like the crocodiles and komodo dragons from the wild, to the areas where the Catz and/or Dogz would go, or around the neighborhood. And then he destroys the beach's lighthouse. And then he disappears and goes to his Magic Hat "lab".

In jail

After that, the sheriff, Ada, captures the player and Victor, and locks the player up in a cage at the police station. While so, Ada asks why did you "give" Ivlet the Magic Hat, that's beyond stupidity. She tells the player that bridges have been destroyed leaving some places out of reach, a lot of the animals in the area have been injured and/or lost their homes, and Ivlet has rounded up the wild animals turning them against us, and made the zoo animals escape the zoo, how could you have done something so foolish?. At that time, the player is guilty, and becomes very upset, starts crying, as to being locked up in the small cage. But then, bravily, Victor asks, why aren't I along with him/her, because I was there too, so I should be caged up as well. Then Ada says you made a terrible mistake too, but most of the blame has to go to him/her. But then, Victor replies, Ada, listen, I'm the one who said we should go take a look at Ivlet, and I'm the one who persuaded him/her to go get the Magic Hat. So it's my fault, because none of this would have happened if it was not for me. So put me in the cage and let him/her out, please!. Then, Augusta, who had totally warned the kittens about Ivlet, came in, and said I think we should let him/her out too. Look Ada, everyone makes mistakes, even you. This is what children do. Unexpected things that grown-ups would not want. Maybe the wrong things too. But gruffly, she says, but that's how they learn! So please give him/her another chance Ada. I mean I think its more of the reason to have him/her repair the damage. So then Ada nods, and then heads to the cell door, and unlocks it and opens it for the player. Then when the player comes confusingly out, Ada says, alright. I will let you out this time. But you have to help everyone in the village. Indeed, you must help everyone on the entire island who has been hurt or unconvienced by your actions!. Then the player nods sadly, and turns to Victor. Then Victor sadly nods to himself, and trys to lock himself into the cage. Then Ada then asks Oh, what are you doing!?. Then Victor answers, well, I feel really bad about what happened, its my fault so I am going into the cage. You(the player), help everyone in the village. Then the player starts sobbing, knowing that until Ivlet's damage is fixed, until everyone is in good help, and until Ivlet is gone forever, the player will never see Victor, his/her best friend, ever again. Then with the player's head down, she/he walks out the door, and sits down, and sobs. Then, for the next chapter part, the player will meet this little dude who will help on the journey to get the Magic Hat back from Ivlet.


Then, while sitting at the entrance of the police station, a strange little tiny person appears and walks over to the player. Then he says," Hi, my name is Beat, and I am the personification of the good half of the Magic Hat. He then explains what he is and how the way of the Magic Hat works. He said not many animals know this, but the Magic Hat actually has a mind of its own, to prevent it being used for evil. I made it from the good side of that mind. But when Ivlet stole the Magic Hat, the Magic Hat fought back trying to stop him from using it, but Ivlet's evil heart was too much for me and the Magic Hat, and we for the good side of the Magic Hat got booted out completely. But, when Ivlet put on the Magic Hat, I had a chance to read his mind. It seems as he allowed himself to be captured, knowing that he would be brought to this island, where the Magic Hat he believed was! So he is practically a genuis when coming to think up evil! Well, this is why I need to get the Magic Hat back! But I am so small I cannot do much without the Magic Hat, but I do know a lot of things though, so I am sure I can give you all sorts of useful advice. So what do you say, lets work together to get the Magic Hat back!!!" he said exitedly. Then, excitedly, the player joyfully meows.

Back at home

When they reach to the player's house, Arvin comes up, angrily, and starts yelling, "Do you realize what you have done?!?". And leave it to the grown-ups to get the Magic Hat back! Ione gently asks if the player is alright. Then Beat and the player walk out the door, and after saying how mad the father was, Beat starts telling the player how to use the map, gameplay, and how to use the special "warp rock" in the game, at that point. Now the next part of the story will begin the real journey to get the Magic Hat back. In fact to the whole game, and including the beginning and credits, it often takes up to 5 or 6 hours to finish the whole movie! Here is the start.

Helping the Drug Store

Arvin tells the player that he/she should start off by helping out of the Drug Store. So, Beat and the player step out of the house, and then Beat tells you how to play the game that continues, such as how to find things, explore, the areas, and then talks about the first step in using the "Warp Rock", where you learn how to save your progress. Then he says "now lets head to the Drug Store". The player walks over to the Drug Store, and sees quite a damage to the sign and roof. Gertrude at the Drug Store talks to the player about the damage Ivlet has done, and asks the player to go to Lappy Lake and get some cotton. He then shows the player the way to Lappy Lake, and how the bridge that leads to it has been repaired. However, he also tells the player that there are also lots of wild animals running around about, such as snakes, so he informs you about how you defend and protect yourself when encountering the wild animals. Then you are off to find cotton, while seeing a whole new place outside the village. Then you come back and try to give it to Gertrude, but he says you must first bring it to Ione to make cotton cloth with. The player has no idea that his/her mother can make high quality cotton cloth, so the player goes to his/her house and asks Ione the mother to make the cotton cloth. She says "okay, just wait a minute", and "here you go, please bring this to Gertrude". So then the player returns to the Drug Store, and then the Drug Store then becomes fixed. Then Gertrude says "now you can head to the Pawn Shop, where Tom could use your help". So then the player heads down to the Pawn Shop.

The Search for Saul

When the player heads to the Pawn Shop, Tom shouts "oww" "oww"! The player asks what is wrong, and Tom says that "as I was running away from Ivlet, I twisted my paw, and now it hurts so bad, I cannot get any work done". So he asks if the player can go to the Drug Store and ask Gertrude for some herb oil. So the player heads to the Drug Store and asks Gertrude for some herb oil. However, he says that "I am sorry but I am all out of that right now, but, you can bring me something to heal it". So the player heads out to find the ingredients, and brings them back to Gertrude. He then gives the player the new bottle of herb oil, and then the player brings it to Tom. He thanks for it, and says "wow, this really works", "I can now get back to work without my paw bothering me". So then, the Pawn Shop is now fixed, while he says "I can now get this done in two shakes of a cat's tail". Then he says thanks again, and says that Saul has went out to Whisker Woods and has not come back. He is worried about him, so Tom asks the player to go to Whisker Woods and find him and bring him back, and then he shows the player the way. So the player travels through North Pawville, to Whisker Woods, where Beat says "Hey, look over there"! And Beat was pointing to Saul, where he yelled that "as I was running away from those snakes, I got my paw stuck in a snake hole, and I can't get out"! He also says that he has lost his can of tuna, and he asks the player to find it on the way. So he tells how to crouch and crawl, and then the player heads through the woods, and on the way, has almost and nearly been attacked by the angry and foul-mooded wild snakes, but then collected and found the canned tuna. Then the player reaches to Saul, and frees him from the situation. Then he says "here, I will give you this straw hat, because it only seems fair". So then he and the player head back to South Pawville, and on the way, Saul tells more about crouch and crawl.

PC version

The PC version of the game is not released in the UK. In this version, the player cares for a cat or dog, similar to the old Petz series.

DS versions

Petz: Dogz 2 and Petz: Catz 2 on DS is a virtual pet game in some ways. However unlike the other platform versions, these versions for are quite different. They are released in the US under those titles and are called Dogz 2 and Catz 2 in the UK.

The player can choose one of 11 breeds per game, but cannot give the pet an actual name. They can also change their pet. The pets do not need feeding, grooming or resting (although these can be done, they are not compulsory) and the main goal of the game is to furnish the player's house. The house gets larger as the player gets more items, which are acquired by playing a variety of minigames.

Along with the minigames, there is also a painting game which appears on the Main Menu after obtaining enough items. In this game the player is able to colour portraits of the breeds of the pet.

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