The Dhudi are a tribe of Panhwar, Panwar, Parmar Rajput origin, found in the Punjab province of Pakistan. According to the 1931 census of India they had a population of 5,800. According to the puranas and Royal Genealogical tree they are one of the Agnivansha clans and descendants of Raja Bikarmajeet or Vikramaditya and Raja Bhoj of Ujjain.They are usually known as Rai, Punwar, Mian and Rana Rajputs.The word Dhudhi originated from word Daddha meaning super strong , Moreover it is a sub-caste of Panwar Rajputs of Dharanagri.



This is a clan of Panwar Rajputs found along the banks of the Sutlej and Chenab. They are supposed to have come originally from Multan. They are said to be "fair agriculturists and respectable members of society".[1]

The original seat of the tribe was Mailsi in Vehari District, where they are mentioned as early as the first half of the 14th Century. When the Delhi Sultanate was breaking up they spread along the Sutlej and Chenab. One of them, Haji Sher Mohammad was a saint whose shrine is in Multan Division in District Burewala Mouza Dewan Sahab is still renowned.

Famous Muslim saint HAZRAT SHAH HUSSAIN renowned as madhoo lal hussain also belongs to this clan.The Dhudhi's are usually Muslims. 46 family are subcast of dhuddi KAMYANA is subcast of dhuddi kamyana is well known family of ravi kamyana has 14 villages around the ravi river kamyana are rajput dhuddi


RAI (This title is used in the Division Bahawalpur, District Jhang & Sargodha).

RANA (Usually used in border areas of Pakistan & India).

MIAN (They are living in Bar areas of Sutlej & Chenab).

RAWAT (They are chiefly found in Bhojpur & Ratlam areas of India & Renownwd as DODIA).

DIWAN (This title was normally used by this tribe due to the spiritual shrine of Dewan Chawli Mashaikh).

KHAN (This title is also used in various parts of southern punjab).

DEWAN HAJI SHER is first muslim rajput

so dhuddi are pioneer of islam in rajputs

Clan Distribution

MaghRana, Tajwana, Sankhla, Rath, MahaRath, Waseer, Niamoana, Kamyana.


This tribe is scattered about Lahore, Sialkot, Sargodha, Jhang, Multan, Sahiwal, Jhelum, Vehari Khanewal District Kabirwala and the Bahawalnagar districts.

In Jhang District, Boori Dhudhian is a singularly important village with reference to the Dhudhi tribe. This is the village where only Dhudhis reside. Kapoori village near Gharmor Jhang has Dhudhi families, and in Darbar Bahu Sultan lives Muhammad Ramzan Dhudhi. Dhudhiwala is another village of Jhang.

in sahiwal division kamyana family has so manay villages chak no 4 gd chak no 9 gd moza kamah moza islampur sakhi abdal thatha kamyana 65 a GD 65 b GD 65 c GD

Distt Hafizabad

              many dhuddi also living in Hafizabad .. Sukheke mandi and village dubber . Dr Mohammad Nawaz Dhuddi .. Dr Haq Nawaz Dhuddi .. Dr Rab Nawaz Dhuddi and other related are living in Sukheke Mandi

Jhelum District

In Jhelum District, Saeela in Dhok Sir, Lota, Dhok Masyal, Dhok Munawar and Dhok Dheri in Dina Tehsil are important villages. The Dhudhi living there have sizable amounts of arable land and enjoy a good status in society. The village of Dhudi Thal in Pind Dadan Khan Tehsil is also an important village.

These villages have many prominent Dhudhi like Lieut. Nawab Ud-Din Khan Dhuddi, Maj. Raja Muhammad Aslam Khan Dhuddi, Maj. Raja Muhammad Sarwar Khan Dhuddi, Sub. Maj. Raja Muhammad Akram Khan Dhuddi (SSG), Lieut. Raja Ajmal Khan Dhuddi, Brig Mumtaz Khan Dhuddi (S-J Military), Brig Tanveer Ali, Maj Khurshid Ali, Maj Fawad Ali, Sqn Ldr Jawad Ali, Junaid Ali (nuclear scientist), Amer Jamshed (an upcoming businessman), Jamshed Ali (principal of Elementary College), Ghazanfar Principal (Grade 20). These villages also boast many doctors and engineers as well as advocates.

Pakpattan District

In Pakpattan District, Alam Dhudhi and Lal Khan Dhudhi and 16/SP are important villages. Mumtaz Ahmad Khan Dhuddi Kanongo (REVENUE) from 16/sp, Muzaffer Iqbal Dhuddi (NAZAM) 16/sp, Riaz Ali Khan Dhuddi (ADVOCATE) 16/sp, Rauf Khan Dhuddi (PATWARI) 16/sp, Qandeel Qasim Dhuddi 16/sp, Faisal Mumtaz Khan Dhuddi 16/sp, Umair Banaras Khan Dhuddi 16/sp, are some well-known persons.

In Bahwalpur, Major (Retd) Asif Mahmood Dhudhi and Rai Fahd Mahmood Dhudhi are linear descendants of Haji Sher Muhammad (Dewan Chawli Mashaikh).


In Vehari District there are a number of Dhuddi families in the surrounding area. Well-reputed government employees, bank officers, socialists and students in well-reputed universities of Pakistan, i.e. Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, BZU, PU and also educated families and landlords live there. Ghulam Rasool Dhuddi, Assad Ullah Dhuddi, and Imran Mahmood Khan Dhuddi are well-known figures.

In Nankana Sahab District the villages have many prominent Dhuddies, including well-reputed politicians, government employees, bank officers, and socialists.

In Bahawal Nagar, Haji Habib Ullah Khan Dhudhi (D.E.O. (Retd)), Rafiq Ahmed (District Officer Special Planning), Mahmood Latif (Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service), and Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (MO D.H.Q. Hospital) are prominent personalities belonging to this tribe of Rajputs.

There have been many large Dhuddi families living in the towns of Khushab District for the last 50 to 100 years. These include some well-known persons such as (LATE) Malik Suleman Dhudhi, Malik Gulaam Rasool Dhudhi, (Ret. D.E.O.) Malik Mazher Hayat Dhudhi, Malik Fazal Ellahi Dhudhi.


IN sahiwal district most famous family of dhuddi rajput is kamyana dhuddi family . kamyana family is most educated family of ravi river . Mian sher Muhammad kamyana dhuddi (p c s rtd). Mian Muhammad azam kamyana dhuddi (Madina Munawara since 1984) umar kamyana dhuddi (chief executive goldenways travels and tours pvt ltd collage chowk )sahiwal 03216666150


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