Kapitan Khlebnikov (icebreaker)

Kapitan Khlebnikov (icebreaker)

The "Kapitan Khlebnikov" ( _ru. Капитан Хлебников) is a Russian (formerly Soviet) icebreaker. The vessel now operates as a cruise ship offering excursions to the Arctic and Antarctic.


The "Kapitan Khlebnikov" was completed in Finland in 1981 as one of five Kapitan Sorokin class icebreakers. She was refitted in 1990 as a tour ship.cite web| url=http://www.coolantarctica.com/Antarctica%20fact%20file/ships/Kapitan_Khlebnikov_ice_breaker.htm| title="Kapitan Khlebnikov", a conventionally powered ice breaker| publisher=Cool Antarctica| accessdate=2008-07-20] and was the first ship to circumnavigate Antarctica with passengers in 1996-97. [cite web| url=http://www.oceanadventures.co.uk/vessels_khlebnikov.cfm| title="Kapitan Khlebnikov"| publisher=Ocean Adventures| accessdate=2008-07-20]

In February 2006 the "Kapitan Khlebnikov" reached the Bay of Whales in the Antarctic, reaching 78° 40.871' south and equalling the record set by Roald Amundsen in the Fram in 1911. [ [http://www.discover-the-world.co.uk/newsletter/newsletter16/poleToPole.asp?id=article2 Discover the World] ]

Construction and layout

A polar-class icebreaker, combining power and technology with creature comforts, "Kapitan Khlebnikov" was originally designed for the rigors of northern Siberia. The vessel has twin-decks with superstructure and engine room in the middle, an icebreaker bow and transom stern. The stern region is cushioned to allow for the close towing of other vessels when helping them through the ice.

Passenger accommodation is in 54 cabins and suites, with 2 dining rooms, a lounge and bar. Facilities include a heated indoor swimming pool, exercise room and sauna, theatre-style auditorium and shop. The library has a collection of polar-themed books.

The double hull has water ballast between, with pumps that can move ballast water at up to 74 tonnes a minute to aid ice breaking. The hull thickness is 45mm at the ice skirt and 25-35mm elsewhere. Friction between the ship and the ice is reduced by a polymer-paint coating at the level of the ice skirt. An air bubbling system helps ice breaking. Air can be forced under pressure from 2m above the keel from the bow to half way down the ship.


In addition to charters for scientific missions, and for supplying mines and other resource exploitation industries, the vessel is chartered for adventure cruises.cite news
title=Sailing the Historic Northwest Passage in a Polar-Class Icebreaker
publisher=Go Nomad
author=Stephen Hartshorne

ister ships

She is one of five large icebreakers operated by the Far East Shipping Company:
*"Icebreaker Admiral Makarov
*"Icebreaker Magadan
*"Icebreaker Sakhalin
*"Icebreaker Krasin


External links

* [http://www.quarkexpeditions.com/fleet/khlebnikov.shtml General information on the Kapitan Khlebnikov at Quark Expeditions]
* [http://www.quarkexpeditions.com/fleet/khlebnikov_deck.shtml Deck plan at Quark Expeditions] .
*cite news| last = Hughes| first = Peter| title = "The last continent"| publisher = The Daily Telegraph| date =February 10, 2007| url = http://www.telegraph.co.uk/arts/main.jhtml?xml=/arts/2007/02/10/stant10.xml&page=1| accessdate = 2007-02-23 - Hughes describes his journey on the "Kapitan Khlebnikov"

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