Green Party (Colombia)

Green Party (Colombia)
Colombian Green Party
Partido Verde Colombiano
Leader Luis Eduardo Garzón (Spokesman and Co-president)
Enrique Peñalosa (Co-president)
Jorge Eduardo Londoño (Co-president)
Sergio Fajardo (Co-president)
Founded 2005 (2005)
Headquarters Bogotá, Colombia
Ideology Green politics
Participatory politics
Democratic security
Political position Centrism
International affiliation Federation of the Green Parties of the Americas
Official colours Green
Seats in the Chamber of Representatives
3 / 166
Seats in the Senate
5 / 102
Politics of Colombia
Political parties

Colombian Green Party (Spanish: Partido Verde Colombiano) is a Colombian political party associated with the philosophies of the Green party as well as the "political middle". The party advocates for having an ecological conscience, social justice, participative democracy, non violence resolutions, human sustainability and respect for diversity in order to improve the Colombian social, economic and political struggle and bring to an end the Colombian armed conflict. The Party is mostly influenced by the French party "The Greens" and the Global Greens.



The party was founded on November 25, 2005 in Bogotá by a group of people headed by Carlos Ramón González Merchan and Elías Pineda.

2007 regional elections

For the October 28, 2007 Colombian regional elections to elect department governors, department assembly deputies, mayors and councils and Local Administrative Juntas the party oddly won the governorships of Cesar with candidate Cristian Moreno Panezo and Boyacá with candidate José Roso Millán. The party also obtained 23 Municipal mayors.[2]

2010 congressional elections

Three independent former mayors of Bogota: Luis Eduardo Garzón, Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa, formed an alliance to choose an independent candidate for presidency. However, they required a political structure. They merged with the Centre Option Green Party, changing its name to Green Party. They also were joined by many regional politicians.

Antanas Mockus was elected candidate for presidency in the green primary elections, hold on March 14, 2010. The same day, the party gained 5 seats in senate.

Then, independent presidential candidate and former mayor of Medellín, Sergio Fajardo, joined Mockus campaign and was chosen as vice-presidential candidate from the Green Party.

2010 Presidential Elections

On May 30, the Colombian Green Party became the second political force as a result of the First Round of the Presidential Election with 21% of the electorate. On June 21, they received 28% of the vote thereby losing the Presidential election to Juan Manuel Santos who achieved 69% [3].


  • "Your Life is Sacred"
  • "Public Resources are Sacred"
  • "Not Everything is Justifiable"
  • "Conscience Vote"
  • "Natural Resources Are Sacred"

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