Chronology of artillery video games

Chronology of artillery video games
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This is a list of artillery games, sorted chronologically. Information regarding date of release, developer, platform, setting and notability is provided when available. The table can be sorted by clicking on the small boxes next to the column headings.


Video game platforms
AMI Commodore Amiga
AMI32 Commodore Amiga CD32
ATR26 Atari 2600 / Video Computer System
BROW Browser game
C64 Commodore 64
CLV ColecoVision
CROSS Cross-platform
DC Dreamcast
DS Nintendo DS
GB Game Boy
GBA Game Boy Advance
GBC Game Boy Color
GCN Nintendo GameCube
GEN Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive
JAG Atari Jaguar
LIN Linux
MAC Macintosh / Mac OS
MOBI Mobile phone
N64 Nintendo 64
NGE N-Gage
ODY2 Magnavox Odyssey²
PPC Pocket PC
PS1 PlayStation / PSone
PS2 PlayStation 2
PS3 PlayStation 3
PSP PlayStation Portable
SAT Sega Saturn
SNES Super NES / Super Famicom
ST Atari ST
Wii Wii
WIN Microsoft Windows
XBLA Xbox Live Arcade
XBLIG Platform not recognized.
X360 Xbox 360


Year Game Developer Platform Notes
1976 Artillery Mike Forman Various
1977 War 3 M. E. Lyon and Brian West Various Home computer version of Artillery.
1979 Artillery-3 M. E. Lyon and Brian West Various Revised version of War 3
1981 Stone Sling Philips ODY2
1983 Artillery Duel Xonox ATR26, C64, CLV, VIC20
1986 Tank Wars Cody Snider Various
1987 Ballerburg Eckhard Kruse ST
1990 Tank Wars (aka BOMB) Kenneth Morse DOS
1990 Gravity Wars Ed Bartz AMI, DOS, MAC
1991 Gorillas Microsoft DOS Example program for QBasic
1991 Scorched Earth Wendell Hicken DOS
1993 Scorched Tanks Michael Welch AMI
1995 Worms Team17 AMI, AMI32, DOS, GB, GEN, JAG, MAC, PS1, SAT, SNES
1995 Worms Reinforcements Team17 AMI Expansion to Worms.
1996 Death Tank Ezra Dreisbach SAT Mini-game in PowerSlave.
1996 Death Tank Zwei Ezra Dreisbach SAT Mini-game in Duke Nukem 3D.
1996 Genocide PyroSoft DOS
1996 Worms & Reinforcements United Team17 AMI Rerelease of Worms and Worms Reinforcements.
1997 Worms: The Director's Cut Team17 AMI Enhanced remake of Worms.
1997 Worms 2 Team17 WIN Sequel to Worms.
1998 Liero Joosa Riekkinen DOS
1999 Worms Armageddon Team17 DC, GBC, N64, PS1, WIN
2000 Hogs of War Infogrames PS1, WIN
2001 Ballerburg: Castle Siege Ascaron PS1, WIN
2001 Mortar Mayhem Pelle Coltau and Jens Juul Jacobsen DOS
2001 Pocket Tanks Blitwise OSX, WIN
2001 Scorched 3D Gavin Camp LIN, OSX, UNIX, WIN
2001 Worms World Party Team17 DC, GBA, NGE, PPC, PS1, WIN Sequel to Worms Armageddon.
2003 Worms 3D Team17 GCN, MAC, PS2, WIN, Xbox Sequel to Worms 2.
2003 Space Tanks YawThrust Software Labs WIN
2004 Snails PDAmill PPC
2004 Worms Forts: Under Siege Team17 MOBI, PS2, WIN, Xbox
2005 GunBound softnyx WIN
2005 Worms 4: Mayhem Team17 PS2, WIN, Xbox Sequel to Worms 3D.
2006 Gusanos Mario Carbajal CROSS Liero clone.
2006 Worms: Open Warfare Team17 DS, PSP
2007 Chick Chick Boom Extra Toxic BROW
2007 Worms Team17 XBLA
2007 Worms: Open Warfare 2 Team17 DS, PSP Sequel to Worms: Open Warfare.
2008 Gravity Wars Boris Yakubchik BROW, LIN, WIN
2008 Worms: A Space Oddity Team17 Wii
2009 Death Tank Snowblind Studios XBLA
2009 Tank Strike Stegersaurus Games XBLIG Xbox Live Indie Game
2009 Worms 2: Armageddon Team17 X360, PS3
2010 Worms: Reloaded Team17 WIN, MAC
2010 Worms: Battle Islands Team17 Wii, PSP
TBA Hogs of War 2 Infogrames DS, PS2, Wii, WIN Sequel to Hogs of War.
2002-Present Wormux Wormux team CROSS Worms clone. A playable development version exists.
2006-Present Hedgewars Hedgewars team CROSS Another open source video game based on Worms.

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