Chronological list of saints in the 1st century

Chronological list of saints in the 1st century

A list of 1st century saints:

Name Birth Birthplace Death Place of Death Notes
Joseph     29 Nazareth husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary
John the Baptist     32 Machaerus
Dismas     33 Golgotha, Jerusalem
Stephen     36 Jerusalem the first martyr
James the Greater   Bethsaida, Galilee 44 Judea apostle
Stachys the Apostle     56   Bishop of Byzantium
Barnabas   Cyprus 60 Salamis, Cyprus apostle
Pudens     60 Rome
Andrew   Bethsaida, Galilee 61 Patras, Greece apostle
James the Just   Nazareth, Galilee 62 Jerusalem, Judea apostle, first Bishop of Jerusalem
Clateus     64   Bishop of Brescia
Evodius     64 Antioch, Syria Bishop of Antioch
First Martyrs of the Church of Rome     64 Rome
Basilissa and Anastasia   Rome 65 Rome
Evellius     65 Pisa
Matthew the Evangelist     65 Hierapolis apostle
Torpes of Pisa   Pisa 65 Pisa
Paulinus of Antioch   Antioch, Syria 67   legendary Bishop of Lucca
Peter   Bethsaida, Galilee 67 Rome apostle, first Bishop of Rome
Paul the Apostle   Tarsus 67 Rome apostle
Plautilla   Rome 67  
Processus and Martinian     67  
Simon the Zealot     67   apostle
Ursicinus   Ravenna 67  
Mark the Evangelist   Libya 68 Alexandria, Egypt evangelist
Philemon and Apphia     70 Colossae, Phrygia
Bartholomew   Judea 72 Caucasian Albania apostle
Thomas the Apostle     74 Mylapur, India apostle
Pope Linus   Tuscany 76 Rome pope
Nicanor the Deacon     76  
Mary Magdalene   Magdala 77 Ephesus, Asia Minor
Candida the Elder   Naples 78 Naples
Aspren   Naples 79 Naples Bishop of Naples
Martha   Palestine 80 Tarascon, Gaul
Matthias   Judea 80 Jerusalem apostle
Philip   Bethsaida, Galilee 80 Hierapolis apostle
Onesiphorus     81  
Anianus of Alexandria     82 Alexandria, Egypt Bishop of Alexandria
Luke the Evangelist   Antioch, Syria 84 Boeotia, Greece evangelist
Birillus   Antioch, Syria 90   Bishop of Catania
Felicula     90  
Petronilla     90  
Nicomedes   Rome 90  
Pope Anacletus     91 Rome Bishop of Rome
Antipas of Pergamum     92 Pergamon, Asia Minor
Pope Avilius of Alexandria     95   Bishop of Alexandria
Onesimus     95 Rome
Flavius Clement     96  
Titus     96 Gortyn, Crete Bishop of Crete
Timothy     97 Ephesus, Asia Minor Bishop of Ephesus
Parmenas     98 Philippi, Macedonia
Prisca     98  
Pope Clement I   Rome 100 Chersonesus, Taurica, Bosporan Kingdom Bishop of Rome
John the Apostle   Bethsaida, Galilee 100 Ephesus, Asia Minor apostle
Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla and Pancratius     100  
Prosdocimus   Antioch, Asia Minor 100  

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