List of Garo characters

List of Garo characters

This is a list of the various characters throughout the Japanese tokusatsu series Garo. These characters play a major role within the series and often influence many key events. The characters within the series are split into six groups; Makai Knights, Makai Priests, Madougu, protagonist side, antagonist side, and Makai entities.


Makai Knights

Kouga Saezima/Garo the Golden Knight

Kouga Saezima

Kouga Saezima (冴島 鋼牙 Saejima Kōga?, Kouga's first name translates as "Steel Fang")/Garo the Golden Knight (黄金騎士・牙狼 Ōgon Kishi Garo?, "Garo" literally means "Fanged Wolf" or Kiba Ōkami) is the main character of the series and the Golden Makai Knight of the East, armed with the Garoken (牙狼剣 Garōken?, Fanged Wolf Sword) blade. Kouga is a young man who apparently thinks nothing else than destroying Horrors. His father was the one that started his training at an early age and he still trains on a daily basis to sharpen his skills. Since childhood Kouga was raised by his father Taiga whom he respected him above everything else. Because of Taiga's constant hunts, he didn't allow Kouga to associate with anyone besides Jabi, Amon, and Gonza.

One night young, Kouga got out of bed after hearing Gonza's concern for Taiga and followed his father into the forest where he witnessed a fierce battle between the previous Garo and what appeared to be a Horror, dropping his sword in the midst of the fight. Kouga came out of hiding intending to help his father and was attacked by the figure, but Taiga took the fatal blow. Zaruba helped Taiga convey his final thoughts to Kouga: Take the title of Garo and to be brave. Kouga and Gonza at first tried every means to lift the sword out of the ground from brute strength to using a crane, but it would remain stuck in the forest until Kouga mastered the ability to wield Soul Metal. Though he trained under the Makai Knight Kengi, it take over a decade for Kouga to not be strong enough to lift the Garoken from its resting place to assume his place as the current Golden Knight but also to reach a conclusion of what he should fight for.

Kouga is not a sociable person, and he always keeps his feelings to himself and puts up a deadpan face all the time, but possesses a noble and kind heart behind his emotionless façade. His ultimate ideal is that every person, good or bad, has the not only the right to live, but also the potential to save many lives on their own in the process. Eventually, Garo meets Kaoru in an incident where she is covered in Horror blood. He spared Kaoru's life because she reminded him of his mother, but never told her about her situation and claimed to Zaruba of his intention of using Kaoru as Horror bait. Eventually, saving Kaoru's life while falling in love with her, Kouga learns the truth of his father's death to be at the hands of the rouge Makai Knight Barago who kidnaps Karou to enact his plan.

In a desperate bid of fighting a losing fight against Kodama and the time limit of his armor is nearing, Kouga refuses to discard his armor as his negative emotions cause him to turn into the mindless Lost Soul Beast Garo (心滅獣身牙狼 Shinmetsu Jūshin Garo?) while killing Kodama in the process. While in darkness, his armor surpassed the time limit and Zaruba asked for Zero's help in taking down the Garo armor. After Zero managed to get through Kouga's mind he struck Kouga's armor in the belly and it hit the triangle armor piece (weak spot) and Kouga's armor was lifted, saving Kouga's body and soul. Eventually, Kouga battles Messiah and not only defeats her, but Kiba as well at the cost of Zaruba. Some time later, Kouga is bidding an emotional farewell to Kaoru, as she's heading to Italy to study art more intensely. She gave him the final product of her father's book with the last page painted, and Rei handed Kouga a restored Zaruba as a gift of their friendship. Zaruba was reforged by new Eastern Watchdog, but he bears no past memories of his time with Taiga and Kouga, even stating that he didn't like the name Kouga gave him.

In Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun, Kouga was approached by Rin Yamagatana who delivered a message from Priest Amon. Kouga didn't believe her at first, but her mentioning their unfinished bar chess game persuaded him to take her seriously. Amon would return as a spirit to ask for his help to save Jabi's still-living body. Accepting the mission, despite interference from the resident Makai Knight Dan, Kouga enters the Makai Forest and battles the Makai Tree to regain Jabi. Soon after, Kouga receives new orders to contain the threat of the Horror Legules, managing to use the Phosphorus Arrow to destroy the fiend and his extensions. Soon after, Kouga returned home to find Kaoru painting in the backyard. They welcomed each other, clasped hands and walked back home, implying that they had finally confessed their feelings for each other.

In Garo: Red Requiem, on orders to destroy the Apostle Horror Karma, Kouga meets Kengi's daughter Rekka and helps her reach the same conclusion her father pointed him to years ago as they work together to destroy the Horror. Parting, Rekka gives Kouga one of her young Makai "fish", which Zaruba names "Kaoru", that Kouga uses to search for Horrors while doubling as a messenger. In Garo: Makai Senki, Kouga gets promoted to be a Makai Knight serving the Senate for his defeating the Apostle Horrors. But just after fighting the Horror Cigarein, Kouga is attacked by a mysterious masked man who engraves a Seal of Destruction (破滅の刻印 Hametsu no Kokuin?) onto him. As a result, Kouga does not have much time to live.

As Garo, his armor helps protect him from damaging blows, but his armor isn't unbreakable. If a Horror is strong enough, they can damage and injure Kouga. Should the armor be exposed to a very powerful blow the armor will retract before the 99.9-second time limit. With the Garoken, transformed from Kouga's Makai Sword (魔戒剣 Makaiken?), Garo can cut down almost anything and only a rare few Horrors are strong enough to resist its force. Kouga is able to use a technique called Blazing Armament (烈火炎装 Rekka Ensō?). This is when he uses the Madou Fire from his Madou Lighter to encompass his sword and his armor to increase his damage potential. In some episodes, he's able to use Blazing Armament without the use of the Madou Lighter. When riding Gouten, his combat strength is increased with his Garoken transformed into the larger Garozanbaken (牙狼斬馬剣 Garōzanbaken?, Fanged-Wolf Horse-Slashing Sword). Because his armor is composed of Soul Metal, the armor reacts to his will along with Madou Fire.

Garo also received powered-up forms in many of his epic battles. During the fight with Messiah, the power within Kaoru's positive energy-based painting enabled Garo to become the angelic Winged Garo (翼人牙狼 Tsubasabito Garo?). Then, while fighting Legules, Garo uses the Phosphorus Arrow to negate the Horror's influence while turning into Phosphorus Garo (鷹麟牙狼 Ōrin Garo?). And then, while fighting Karma, Garo assumes a new form created from the souls of the many Makai Knights she devoured over the years.

Kouga is portrayed by Ryosei Konishi (小西 遼生 Konishi Ryōsei?). As a child, he is portrayed by Ryusei Sawahata (澤畠 流星 Sawahata Ryūsei?). As a 2 years old child, he is portrayed by Shuhei Jojo (城定 修平 Jōjō Shūhei?).

Rei Suzumura/Zero the Silver Fanged Knight

Rei Suzumura/Zero The Silver Fanged Knight

Rei Suzumura (涼邑 零 Suzumura Rei?)/Zero the Silver Fanged Knight (銀牙騎士・絶狼 Ginga Kishi Zero?, "Zero" literally means "Cutting Wolf" or Zetsu Ōkami), once known as Ginga Suzumura (涼邑 銀牙 Suzumura Ginga?), is the sub-antagonist turned co-protagonist of the series and the Silver Makai Knight of the West. He was an orphan before he was found by Douji, who took pity on him and raised Rei as his son to inherit his title as the Silver Fanged Knight of the West and start his own lineage. Though trained as a Makai Knight, Rei didn't have the tenacity or murderous intent to be a true warrior. One fateful night, however, Shizuka and Douji were killed by a warrior who suspiciously resembled the Golden Knight. So he renamed himself Rei and naming his Silver Fang armor 'Zero', both a pun on "Zero," with intention to reinvent himself as well as to get back at the Makai Knight that took his loved ones away, becoming a person full of angst, wild and murderous.

During Zero's quest for revenge he violated a host of protocols expected of a Makai Knight, from leaving his western territory post to a direct attack on Kouga. Because Zero wasn't sure if Kouga was actually the knight that had murdered his family, he remained constantly uncooperative and even started fights with him to vent out his anger. Later in the series, the Watchdogs of the East try to frame Kouga for his family's death; Zero would later discover the true killer was Barago and ally himself with Garo. As the truths of matters unfold, his personality drastically changed. He became more relaxed and open, turning into a caring friend for Kouga as they now share the same enemy. Rei and Kouga later visited the Western Watchdog where they reported and were ordered to assassinate Barago and Gulm. Because of Zero's tall list of violations he wasn't allowed to participate in Kouga's mission, but Kouga argued on his behalf, saying that he need his power. Rei's suspension was relinquished and he joined Kouga in dealing with Barago and Gulm.

During Kouga's dark transformation, it was Zero who helped Kouga snap out of his darkness. Gulm tried to stop the duo from reaching Kiba and Kaoru, but Rei decided to stay behind to deal with her, allowing Kouga to press forward. She assumed Shizuka's form and tried to trick him. He soon saw through her illusion because the real Shizuka addressed Rei as Ginga, while the imposter constantly called him Zero. After a very difficult fight Zero almost died, but survived a mortal blow because Silva took the hit. After a losing fight against Gulm, he took the opportunity of her overconfident victory and killed her. After Kiba's defeat, Rei presented Kouga with a reforged Zaruba as proof of their friendship and remained in the Eastern district to protect it while Kouga went northward. In Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun, Rei was assigned to help guard the upcoming Kantai ceremony from Horrors' attack. He saved Hyuga and Akatsuki (Tsubasa's disciples) from Karakuri Horrors. After aiding Kouga and Tsubasa in their fight against Legules, he returns to his district. Rei resurfaces during the events of Garo: Makai Senki, having been afflicted with the Seal of Destruction. It is known later that he is immune to poisons. But whether this is a common trait of all Makai Knights or practitioners of the Makai ways instead of just an unique physical trait of his remains to be seen.

Zero wields a pair of short swords called the Ginroken (銀狼剣 Ginrōken?, Silver Wolf Swords). In their Makaiken form, these are shorter versions of Kouga's Makaiken. When Zero dons his armor, the swords become curved like scimitars. These can be locked together to form a huge crescent-shaped double-bladed boomerang called the Ginga Ginroken (銀牙銀狼剣 Ginga Ginrōken?, Silver Fanged Silver Wolf Sword). Zero's Madou Horse Ginga is similar to Garo's Gouten, but with a blade attached to his head.

Rei is portrayed by Ray Fujita (藤田 玲 Fujita Rei?).

Tsubasa Yamagatana/Dan the Knight of the Midnight Sun

Tsubasa Yamagatana (山刀 翼 Yamagatana Tsubasa?)/Dan the Knight of the Midnight Sun (白夜騎士・打無 Byakuya Kishi Dan?) is the White Makai Knight of Kantai. Tsubasa is the older brother to young Priestess Rin and the very descendant of the Makai Knight that defeated Legules 1000 years ago. He is a strict and "by the book" type of guy. He wields a /spear called Makai Spear (魔戒槍 Makaisō?) as his weapon and a Madou Bracelet named Goruba. The spearhead tip can extend in and out from its rod by the touch of a switch. When he transforms into Dan, the Makai Spear is also transformed into a double-head spear weapon called the Midnight Sun Spear (白夜槍 Byakuyasō?). He appears only in Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun.

Tsubasa watches over the spiritual district of Kantai and has two disciples, Hyuga and Akatsuki. Upon his arrival to Kantai, Kouga defended himself against these two disciples because his appearance in Kantai was not expected. Tsubasa came to defend his disciples and became frustrated with no answers from Kouga. They fought and Tsubasa was able to display his fighting abilities are on par with Kouga and even able to use magic by using his special earring. Priestess Garai intervened in the fight and asked Tsubasa to allow Kouga to pass to save Jabi. Tsubasa insisted that this mission should be his as he's the Makai Knight of Kantai, but Garai didn't allow him as its Priest Amon's will. Tsubasa was furious but he couldn't do anything about it. He warned Kouga that he never sanctioned this and then walked away with his disciples.

Tsubasa finally realized that discarding his feelings to become a better warrior, is wrong, after Rin was poisoned by Legules' shrapnel while protecting him. Fortunately, Jabi managed to save Rin in time. Tsubasa apologized to Jabi for his rudeness towards her. He then joined Kouga and Rei to defeat Legules in Abyss Forest. After Legules' defeat, Tsubasa told Rin that she's his pride and finally showed his smile when Rin performed magic to create butterflies.

As a Makai Knight, Tsubasa possesses a great fighting skills and amazing speed, as seen when he fought Karakuri Horrors trying to pass the entrance of Kantai. The energy coming from his armor during his transformation into Dan the Knight of the Midnight Sun could disintegrate the Horror.

Tsubasa is portrayed by Shouma Yamamoto (山本 匠馬 Yamamoto Shōma?).

Taiga Saezima/Garo the Golden Knight

Taiga Saezima (冴島 大河 Saejima Taiga?) is Kouga's father and the previous Garo. Died in combat when Kouga was a boy. Seen only in flashbacks.

Taiga is portrayed by Hiroyuki Watanabe (渡辺 裕之 Watanabe Hiroyuki?).


Douji (道寺 Dōji?) is Rei and Shizuka's adoptive father and the previous Silver Fanged Knight who oversaw Horror attacks in his territory west of Garo's. He was killed by Barago.

Douji is portrayed by Toru Shinagawa (品川 徹 Shinagawa Tōru?).


Hyuga (日向 Hyūga?) is one of the disciples of Tsubasa of Kantai. He wears a blue uniform and wields a Soul Metal Sword. He's the calmer one compared to Akatsuki. His skills are weak compared to real Makai Knights, but brave in battle.

Hyuga is portrayed by Minoru Tomita (富田 稔 Tomita Minoru?).


Akatsuki (?) is the second disciple to Tsubasa. Just like Hyuga, he wears a blue uniform and has a sword. He comes off nervous amongst the two and often feels shamed when unable to fight well in battle; he and Hyuga will always face danger even if they are afraid. He's taken a liking towards Rei and wanted to be his apprentice, but Rei felt he was better off alone with Silva.

Akatsuki is portrayed by Noboru Yasunaga (安永 昇 Yasunaga Noboru?).


Kengi (ケンギ?) is the father of Rekka who was murdered by Karma. He also trained Kouga in the past.

Kengi is portrayed by Kanji Tsuda (津田 寛治 Tsuda Kanji?).

Bado the Knight of the Storm

Bado the Knight of the Storm (風雲騎士・バド Fūun Kishi Bado?) is a Makai Knight of the West who battled Barago for several times in the past, believing that there is some good left in Barago's heart. Though eventually killed in battle, Bado attempted to give Barago a final chance of redemption by infusing some of his light into an attack which disbursted and entered the villain's body.

Bado is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue (井上 和彦 Inoue Kazuhiko?).


Madougu are sentient items that serve Makai Knights with advice and magical powers.


Madou Ring Zaruba (魔導輪ザルバ Madōwa Zaruba?) is the Madou Ring for Kouga's duties as a Makai Knight. Zaruba originally belonged to Taiga Saezima. After Taiga was killed, Kouga has since worn his father's ring. Zaruba himself was created by the Makai Priest Amon who creates the anti-Horror equipment to aid and support a Makai Knight.

The full extent of Zaruba's abilities is unknown; throughout the series he's able to help dispel confusion, detect various spiritual energies, summon the Fanged Wolf Sword, speak for the dead, temporary flight, breathes Madou Fire (in the Crimson Forest), detect Horrors, create parts of himself into a ring to help locate and detect Horrors, and see through illusions, and act as a storage for miniature items. His aid is not limited to Makai Knights—Kaoru once used Zaruba to guide her through the Crimson Forest back to the human world.

During Garo's final fight against Kiba, Kouga could not summon his armor due to a magic seal placed by Kiba. Zaruba told Kouga to throw him into the dimensional rip in an attempt to bring his armor. After a long exaggerated battle with Kiba, Kouga tried to summon Garo again and this time Kouga's armor was brought out by cherubs to help him gear up, signfying that this was a different, more powerful summon of the armor. The armor was slightly different this time, and included a cape unlike previous transformations. Zaruba apparently used all of his energy to merge the power of all the past Garo knights into the armor temporarly and bring it to Kouga, and after his victory, he was too weak and disintegrated. Before parting ways, Rei gave Kouga a re-forged Zaruba as a token of appreciation from the new East Watchdog, but he did not have any of his previous memories and didn't like his name.

Zaruba is voiced by Hironobu Kageyama (影山 ヒロノブ Kageyama Hironobu?).


Madou Necklace Silva (魔導具シルヴァ Madōgu Shiruba?) is the Madou Necklace of Zero. She belonged to the former Silver Fang (Rei's father) and serves the current one. She takes the form of a Madou necklace of a woman wearing a mask. It was Silva that identified the killer of Zero's family was related to another Makai Knight. It's unclear of Silva's true potential since Zero never once used his blades or techniques with Silva as Kouga does with Zaruba. For now she's merely an advisor and Horror detector.

In Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun, Silva is no longer a necklace. Her head has been pinned to Rei's glove. Towards the end of Beast of the White Knight she suggested Rei to take Akatsuki as his student, but Rei said Silva's company is enough.

Silva is voice by Ai Orikasa (折笠 愛 Orikasa Ai?).


Madou Bracelet Goruba (魔導具ゴルバ Madōgu Goruba?) is the Madou Bracelet of Tsubasa. Similar to Zaruba and Silva, Goruba also serves as Horror detector. From Zaruba's comment, it's suggested Goruba to be very old. In Legules night attack, he tried to covert or possess anyone of Makai to join his family and Goruba was possessed. After Legules kidnapped Rin and taken the Phosphorus Spear, Goruba was awakened (without side effects) and revealed Legules intentions to sacrifice Rin upon the prayer stones to summon his dark forces.

Goruba is voice by Kenichi Ogata (緒方 賢一 Ogata Ken'ichi?).

Makai Priests


Priest Amon (阿門法師 Amon Hōshi?) is a Buddhist priest who helped Taiga in creating anti-Horror weapons, spells and devices. Amon was the one who created Zaruba. He's similar to Chinese Tao masters who learned Makai techniques along with martial arts to slay demons. He loves drinking red sake and playing bar chess, wagering 10 years of life to the winner of the game. Amon never completed his game with Taiga and waited 20 years for Kouga to replace his father. As Kouga nearly lost, Amon told him to return again to play another time. It wasn't long that he was murdered under mysterious circumstances and the Watchdogs fingered the murder to his proud student Jabi. He died holding a chess piece Koma, cluing that his killer was a Makai Knight, likely Barago. He contacted Rin to help him deliver a message to Kouga relating to Jabi.

Amon is portrayed by Akaji Maro (麿 赤児 Maro Akaji?).


Jabi (邪美?) was student under Makai Priest Amon and was a former childhood playmate with Kouga. She and Kouga trained together, but went their separate ways during their teenage years. Jabi is a sensually aggressive woman and wants to be a good woman rather than being a talented Makai Priest. She carries two Makai brushes to summon electrical attacks and has two red Makai flags used to ward off certain magical attacks.

By the time the two crossed paths, Jabi was framed with the murder of her mentor and had stolen the purified Horror blades due to be forced repatriated. Though Kouga believed she wasn't responsible for the murder, Jabi was unable to trust him because Amon's murderer was a Makai Knight. But once able to trust him again, yet knowing she can not have him, Jabi reveals the Eastern Watchdogs' true nature before agreeing to Kouga enter the Crimson Forest once they deal with the Horror Blades. When she and Kouga attempted to perform the Force Repatriation on their own, Jabi was seemingly killed by a surprise attack from Kodama, vaporized with only her Makai brush remaining.

In Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun, it's revealed Jabi's body wasn't destroyed as presumed, but was recovered and incubating inside the Makai Tree, still alive yet stuck between life and death. Amon discovered the complication and dispatched Rin to help him inform Kouga that only a person with a strong bond with her can awaken her and bring her back to the living. With the help of Rin, he was able to enter the Makai Forest and fought his way to free Jabi. Jabi has since taken a liking to Rin and assisted Rin in her Makai training. Tsubasa didn't acknowledge Jabi as a real person at first and being the un-shy girl that she is she made Tsubasa feel her breast for a heartbeat and the breath from her lips. Garai took Jabi to examine the Phosphorus Arrow and realized it's weakened. While the Makai Knights guarded the outside premises, Jabi would restore the powers of the arrow with her powers. During Legules' night attack on Kantai, the Makai Knights were able to stall Legules enough for Jabi to restore the arrow and use it against Legules in combat. Legules' dark magic was too strong and Kouga jumped in to save Jabi.

Rin was poisoned by a shrapnel from Legules. Jabi decided to perform a Makai version of blood transfusion to dilute the poison within her because there wasn't enough time to use the Barankas fruit. The process was painful, but both survived the procedure. Tsubasa thanked Jabi for saving his little sister's life while still holding the Phosphorus Arrow. Legules took advantage of the moment and came out of Goruba to steal the arrow and kidnap Rin for his dark ceremony. Jabi and the knights entered the Abyss Forest and fought their way to save Rin. Jabi provided a great deal of support for Kouga, but eventually pinned down by the Karakuri. When Kouga defeated Legules and destroyed the barrier, the Karakuri disappeared and Jabi lives another day. After the ordeal, Kouga wondered what Jabi’s plans are and she intends to stay at Kantai. She finally found someone she feels strongly to protect, Rin.

Jabi is portrayed by Yasue Sato (さとう やすえ Satō Yasue?). As a child, she is portrayed by Mizuho Kaneo (兼尾 瑞穂 Kaneo Mizuho?).

Rin Yamagatana

Rin Yamagatana (山刀 鈴 Yamagatana Rin?) appears in Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun as a messenger of Makai Priest Amon. Rin is a young 11 year old Makai Priestess in training and little sister to Tsubasa (Dan the Knight of the Midnight Sun) from Kantai. She somehow managed to communicate with Amon and was given the mission to find Kouga. Amon instructed Rin to use horror blood to bait herself towards Horrors in hopes to find Kouga in his district. Rin's "fishing" found herself to Kouga and was taken into the Saezima household. Rin would use a special spirit summoning technique to communicate with Amon. Even though Kantai is Rin's home, it's a place filled with danger and spooks as various parts of Kantai are literal death traps. Rin knew enough to perform a special ceremony to open a gateway to help Kouga enter the Makai forest to help save Jabi. She was named after Kouga's mother Rin and Priestess Garai believe there's something remarkable that Rin was chosen for Kouga to help him.

It's revealed that she became a priestess to help bring back her brother's smile again. After Jabi was saved, Rin was poisoned by a piece of shrapnel from Legules during a night attack. Jabi performs a risky move in which she dilutes her blood with Rin using Madou Flames as a medium (Makai version of blood transfusion). The process made her experience great pain, but she survived the process and went to see Tsubasa. While having a moment with Tsubasa, Legules appeared out of Goruba and kidnapped Rin to the Abyss Forest. Legules had the Karakuri tie her down for a sacrificial ceremony. Kouga saved Rin and since have the love of Jabi as her protector.

Rin is portrayed by Yuzumi Shibamoto (柴本 優澄美 Shibamoto Yuzumi?).


Priestess Garai (我雷法師 Garai Hōshi?) is the Makai Priestess of Kantai and the very master that trained Rin Saezima. She's more of a teacher than a Makai Priest in her advance age. However her knowledge, experience and wisdom are great and her students reflect that level of respect for her.

Garai is portrayed by Kazue Tsunogae (角替 和枝 Tsunogae Kazue?).

Rin Saezima

Rin Saezima (冴島 りん Saejima Rin?) is the wife of Taiga and mother to Kouga. She was trained as a Makai Priestess under Priestess Garai. She would eventually meet and marry Taiga and give birth to Kouga. Her life with Kouga was short when she died of illness. Kouga barely remembers her, but is reminded by Taiga of their time together as a family. In a flashback it's revealed her martial arts skills are on par with Taiga and always had baby Kouga close to her.

Rin is portrayed by Junko Tashiro (田代 純子 Tashiro Junko?).


Rekka (烈花?) is a Makai Priestess and one of the disciples of Akaza whose father Kengi was murdered by the Horror Karma, allying herself to Garo during the events of Garo: Red Requiem. She is a tomboy in personality, resenting her feminine nature as it kept her from her childhood dream of becoming a Makai Knight and forced her to be trained as a Makai Priestess instead. Rather than becoming one who support Makai Knights as usually expected of Makai Priest or Priestess, she actively goes out to hunt Horrors on her own, resulting in her above-average martial capabilities. Among her abilities is the summoning of the fish-like Young Makai Dragons (魔界竜の稚魚 Makairyū no Chigyo?) to seal Horrors,

Rekka is stoic and strong like Kouga, yet can be hot-headed and dedicated herself to hunting Horrors to the point where she would harm innocents in the process. But from being with Kouga, he gave Rekka the same lessons her father taught him and becomes a better person as she helps him destroy Karma. Taking over the late Akaza's territory, Rekka gives Kouga one of Makai Dragons if he should need to contact her and vice versa.

Rekka is portrayed by Mary Matsuyama (松山 メアリ Matsuyama Meari?).


Shiguto (シグト?) is one of the disciples of Akaza.

Shiguto is portrayed by Masahiro Kuranuki (倉貫 匡弘 Kuranuki Masahiro?).


Akaza (アカザ?) is a Makai Priest.

Akaza is portrayed by Yousuke Saitou (斉藤 洋介 Saitō Yōsuke?).

Reo Fudou

Reo Fudou (布道 レオ Fudō Reo?) is a young Makai Priest serving the Senate whose youth belittles the extent of his genius. He is the one who invented the mechanical creatures known as Gouryu that his fellow Makai Priests begin using to fight Horrors.

Reo is portrayed by Ozuno Nakamura (中村 織央 Nakamura Ozuno?).


Rates (ラテス Ratesu?) is a Makai Priest serving the Senate.

Rates is portrayed by Houka Kinoshita (木下 ほうか Kinoshita Hōka?).

Other protagonists

Kaoru Mitsuki

Kaoru Mitsuki (御月 カオル Mitsuki Kaoru?) is the narrator and the female protagonist of the series. She is a 22-year-old aspiring artist who's always having trouble making money. Kouga spared her life after she was splashed with Angry's blood, claiming he did so to use her as bait. He secretly tries to find a way to cure her, rather than killing her. Because of the Horror blood that stained her, she attracts Horrors constantly; she doesn't know she's being pursued half the time because Kouga does his best to withhold the truth and quietly deal with the Horrors that approach her. Kaoru eventually was evicted from her house and temporarily freeloaded at Asami's place. After Kaoru's bad cooking gave Asami food poisoning, she moved into Kouga's home. She literally took Kouga's words of staying close as an excuse to move in. Kouga wanted her to at least earn her keep, but her cooking was so horrible that Gonza became ill. Her mother is Karin Mitsuki (御月 かりん Mitsuki Karin?).

Kaoru has feelings for Kouga as well, but was devastated when she found out Kouga used her as Horror bait, even though Kouga actually never did it until the occasion where she found it out. Kaoru always seem to manage to involve herself with a Horror all on her own, and that's why Kouga always says she's an unlucky woman. For her protection, Kouga placed a special ring created by Zaruba in one of her fingers, allowing him to always locate Kaoru's position when necessary and be alerted if a Horror is close to her, though she forced Zaruba to take it back when the truth came out. Eventually, Kouga managed to save Kaoru's life with the Barankas fruit.

Later it is revealed Kaoru and her father have been involved with Horrors and Garo since her childhood. Her father, Yuji Mitsuki (御月 由児 Mitsuki Yūji?), was a famous artist who created a children's picture book, in which the hero is a golden knight that reflects his experience when he was saved by Taiga, but the last page was left blank. Kaoru herself was chosen out of six girls by Barago as the medium to summon Messiah and serve as her host in the human world.

Kaoru is portrayed by Mika Hijii (肘井 美佳 Hijii Mika?). As a child, she is portrayed by Kanami Katchi (甲地 夏波 Katchi Kanami?). Yuji and Karin are portrayed by Katsuyuki Murai (村井 克行 Murai Katsuyuki?) and Asako Kobayashi (小林 麻子 Kobayashi Asako?).

Gonza Kurahashi

Gonza Kurahashi (倉橋 ゴンザ Kurahashi Gonza?) the butler of the Saezima household and the only family Kouga had after his parents died. Gonza attends to all butler related duties like cleaning the house and cooking, while also advises Kouga on certain matters. He helped raise and assist Kouga with his training since childhood. Though he as been exposed to the Makai world for over twenty years (between Taiga and Kouga), Gonza is a regular person without any form of Makai training other than the ability to read the old Makai script.

He considers his relationship with Kouga and Kaoru closer than blood-related family. He was featured in Garo Side Story as "God of Pictures", but the sequence was part of Kaoru's dream. Gonza was featured in Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun as his usual self looking after the household.

Gonza is portrayed by Yukijiro Hotaru (螢 雪次朗 Hotaru Yukijirō?).

Asami Shinohara

Asami Shinohara (篠原 亜佐美 Shinohara Asami?) is Kaoru's best friend. She always helped Kaoru's financial problems by giving her financial tips, loans, and job references. When Kaoru lost her apartment Asami reluctantly allowed Kaoru to move in for a few days. Kaoru made a dish for Asami as a way to appease her, but made her sick instead. Asami was sent to the hospital, which at the time was filled with Horrors, but she was not devoured. Asami eventually was phased out of the story line and only appeared once in a while to show she's still in contact with Kaoru. She returned as the "God of Painting" in Garo Side Story.

Asami is portrayed by Mina Fukui (福井 未菜 Fukui Mina?).


Shizuka (静香?) is the deceased lover of Rei. She too was an orphan and was taken into a lavish estate alongside Rei. Shizuka's origins aren't known, but for some unexplained reason she was killed by Barago. It was Shizuka's death that drove Rei to a path of vengeance.

Shizuka is portrayed by Alisa (有紗 Arisa?), who previously played Mio Kuroki in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Grace (グレス Guresu?) is a priestess of the Senate.

Grace is portrayed by Yuriko Hishimi (ひし美 ゆり子 Hishimi Yuriko?).


Barago the Black Fang/Kiba the Dark Knight

Barago (バラゴ?) is the main antagonist of the series. Barago is the only Makai Knight who transforms without a Soul Metal weapon, but instead a Madou necklace, blowing on it to activate it, then swinging it to become the Dark Knight. Unlike other Makai Knights, Barago's Soul Armor is organic-looking due to the Horrors he has absorbed.

Barago was the son of a Makai Knight and a Makai Priestess and had a happy childhood. When his mother fell ill, Barago became intend to protect his mother and thus decided to become a Maki Knight himself through harsh training. However, forced to watch his mother turn into a Horror before his father kills her, Barago left home to find a easier way to become stronger and use powers of the Makai for revenge. To that end, he became a talented Makai disciple of Taiga Saezima, hoping to become the next Garo. But refused the right, Barago's desperation for power grew and Messiah heard his need, appearing before him when he enter forgotten lair filled with forbidden techniques. Messiah proceeded to offer Barago her power in return of enacting the legend of Kiba the Dark Knight (暗黒士・呀 Ankoku Kishi Kiba?), giving him both the name and armor of Kiba.

After enduring the Soul Armor's time limit, managing to will himself out of his Lost Soul Beast Kiba (心滅獣身呀 Shinmetsu Jūshin Kiba?) form, Barago proceeds to assimilate the attributes of Horrors he defeats through absorption; however, this came at the cost of his own humanity. Subsequent usage of the forbidden magics tainted the Soul Armor and reconfigured its form with more Horror-like features and twisted Barago's soul. It was then that Taiga was forced to take action against Barago, pursuing his corrupt disciple and engaged him in combat. Though he fatally wounded his former memtor, Barago was scarred with the "Mark of Death" as Taiga's final move in hope that the scar's effect would kill him in a few days. But the Horrors dwelling inside Barago's body enabled him to elude death, though his face became horribly deformed. It was by that time that Barago came to the realization that he despised Makai Knights more than Horrors as he devoured them as well.

Barago soon began to devise a plan to plant dark Yīn essence into objects to attract Horrors so he could personally absorb them and amplify his own power. Because of his amplified strength over years of reaching his quota of a thousand absorbed Horrors, he's grown stronger than any Makai Knight and eventually defeated his nemesis Bado. With his ultimate goal nearly achieved, Barago proceeds to find an ideal girl to serve as a living gateway for Messiah to possess: a girl of age six born on the sixth day of the sixth month, Kaoru. Murdering the previous Silver Fang Knight, Barago used a potion he stole from Rei's foster father to change his face, disguising himself as Karune Ryuzaki (龍崎 駈音 Ryūzaki Karune?) to oversee Kaoru's wellbeing as her personal psychiatrist and counselor. It was by this time that Barago learned that Bado left a means of redemption in his being and was ordered by Messiah to remove all traces of it from his body.

The Eastern Watchdogs also allied themselves with Barago to help bring forth Messiah, giving him the Ankokuzan halberd to single-handedly absorb a giant Horror that overwhelmed Garo and Zero. When Barago's arrangements are nearly complete, he kidnaps Kaoru to begin the summoning ritual to call forth Messiah. He proceeds to reveal his life story to Kaoru before Messiah takes her over and has Barago severe his ties with his mother in order to destroy the very last trace of light. However, now beyond redemption, Barago learns too late that he was just being used by the Horror as Messiah "ate" Barago with little resistance. But his body returned to the living world after Messiah was defeated by Kouga, fully possessed by the armor of Kiba. Now nothing more than a Horror, Kiba battles Garo and Zero, only to be destroyed by the former in a one-on-one swordfight.

As Kiba, he uses the Kokuenken (黒炎剣 Kokuenken?, Black Flame Sword), which can morph into the Kokuenzanbaken (黒炎斬馬剣 Kokuenzanbaken?, Black Flame Horse-Slashing Sword) while he is on foot or on the back of his Madou Horse. Kiba also once used a halberd called the Ankokuzan (暗黒斬 Ankokuzan?, Darkness Slash).

Barago is portrayed by Kenichi Kobayashi (小林 健一 Kobayashi Ken'ichi?), voiced by Mizuho Yoshida (吉田 瑞穂 Yoshida Mizuho?) in Kiba Gaiden. As Ryuzaki, he is portrayed by Masaki Kyomoto (京本 政樹 Kyōmoto Masaki?). As a child, he is portrayed by Raima Hiramatsu (平松 來馬 Hiramatsu Raima?).

The Three Priestesses/Gulm

The Three Priestesses (三神官 San Shinkan?) are three ancient priestesses of the Eastern Watchdog castle, they assumed the forms of three little girls in white angelic clothing. Their names starting from oldest to youngest (left to right) are Keiru (ケイル?), Beru (ベル?), and Rose (ローズ Rōzu?) (A pun on Cerberus). Their thoughts are so unified that they sometimes complete each other's sentences in conversations. As revealed by Jabi, the Three Priestesses were only a single human who was chosen to be the link between Makai and the human world. However, though receiving eternal life, the Eastern Watchdog's body decayed overtime and the spirit divided into its three current forms, bound to confinement within the heart of the Eastern Watchdog castle with only their "son" Kodama to keep them company over the centuries.

At first they performed their expected duties for Kouga, but were actually associated with Barago for the common goal of unleashing Messiah and secretly feeding him the purified Horror blades rather than perform the repatriation ceremony. During the early part of their partnership, the three misused Horror and Madou materials to try to kill those that interfere with their plans. In the process Amon was murdered and Jabi disposed of, using Rei's need to avenge his step family to kill Kouga off as well before Kiba reveals himself.

Later Barago brought a recently dead female human body to serve as a host for the Watchdog Priestesses' spirits, assuming their true forms as three old women while melding into the host body. The host, named Gulm (ガルム Garumu?, after Garm), enabled the spirits within her to leave their place in order to help Barago with his plan. Although Gulm was apparently helping Barago to obtain immortality, she was really just using him to bring Messiah into this world. After Kodama's death, Gulm expressing great sorrow over his demise and hatred when she attempts to stop Kouga from interfering with Messiah's plans, assuming her own Cerberus-style Makai armored form, Beast Gulm (獣化ガルム Jūka Garumu?) to stop the Makai Knights. As Beast Gulm. she fights using an arc and stronger versions of Kodama's attacks. However, Zero held her at bay before she overpowers him. But in her overconfidence of the situation, Gulm leaves herself open to be impaled by Rei. After the fall of Gulm, a new Watchdog was assigned to the eastern district to direct Garo on Makai missions.

Keiru, Beru, and Rose are portrayed/voiced by Keaki Watanabe (渡辺 けあき Watanabe Keaki?)/Fumiko Inoue (井上 富美子 Inoue Fumiko?), Anri Okamoto (岡本 杏理 Okamoto Anri?)/Machiko Kawana (川名 真知子 Kawana Machiko?), and Yukina Kashiwa (柏 幸奈 Kashiwa Yukina?)/Akemi Satō (佐藤 朱 Satō Akemi?). Gulm is portrayed by Kimika Yoshino (吉野 公佳 Yoshino Kimika?).


Kodama (コダマ?) is the "butler" of the Three Watchdog Priestesses, Eurasian in appearance, and his relationship with them is that he is their son. Kodama's position has him serve the Watchdogs, carrying out their orders and protecting them from harm. He's highly skilled in martial arts and doesn't fear taking on a Makai Priest or Makai Knight. Though he was outsmarted by Jabi in their first encounter he took advantage of a momentary distraction from Jabi and Kouga to shoot her in the back.

Though apparently unable to talk, Kodama can use his voice to summon magical destructive blue orbs, and throw them at his enemies. The longer and louder he can shout, the bigger and stronger the magical orbs will be. In his last fight, Kodama transformed himself in armored monster called Demon Beast Armored Kodama (魔獣装甲コダマ Majū Sōkō Kodama?) to fight Garo, but was easily killed by Kouga once he is possessed by his armor. His name is derived from the Japanese word meaning "echo." In the Garo Side Story, you finally see him speak; unfortunately, he talks extremely loud and fast in English, which Kaoru mistakes for the Kansai dialect.

Kodama is portrayed by Mark Musashi (マーク武蔵 Māku Musashi?).


Elda (エルダ Eruda?) is a Makai Guide (魔戒導師 Makai Dōshi?) who supported Barago, able to predict the future with her tarot cards. In the past, she was a partner to a Makai Knight named Shinji and was in love with him. However, that changed when the two are sent to find the remains of the Horror Ganon, with Elda having a sense of dread from her cards. The dread would be revealed when Shinji is slaughtered by the two Makai Knights accompanying them. Horrified, Elda is fatally wounded with her final moments filled for everyone while knowing that the Horror's corpse has been moved in secret. But when Barago arrived and killed two Makai Knights in his own search for Ganon, Elda accepted his offer to join his cause and was infused with new life from the energies of Horrors that he absorbed. After Kaoru was kidnapped, a jealous Elda was entrusted to look after the girl until Barago finished the preparations.

Elda is portrayed by Leah Dizon (リア・ディゾン Ria Dizon?).

Red-masked man

The red-masked man (赤い仮面の男 akai kamen no otoko?) is a mysterious man who engraved the Seal of Destruction (破滅の刻印 Hametsu no Kokuin?) on both Kouga and Rei. Though his identity is unknown, he is able to magically disconnect his limbs.

Makai Entities

Old Woman Tamu

Old Woman Tamu (タム婆 Tamu Bā?) is a living Makai gateway. Though humanoid, various parts of her body is composed of wood and branches. Between her "thighs" is the entrance to the Crimson Forest. Without permission from Tamu, no one can enter. She had a friendly relationship with Makai Priest Amon and enjoys sharing a cup of red sake with him.

Tamu is portrayed by Toshie Negishi (根岸 季衣 Negishi Toshie?).

The Grou Dragon

The Grou Dragon (グラウ竜 Gurau Ryū?) is the guardian of the Barankas fruit which it produces within its body. The Grou Dragon is a sentient mechanical dragon created by the Makai to reside inside the Crimson Forest and hunt the Horrors there. He has a main dragon head on the top and four sides to his body (almost cube-like). His cube-like body has a rustic color and when he speaks he rotates it to a different side of his body. Whenever he reacts to some thought his body makes a turn. Two sides of his body have a white naked woman statue, the front side a white gothic skull of a creature, and the back side with just gears that resemble the yin/yang sign. The Grou Dragon has a blaster-cannon, his statues are actually large mechanical claws, his gothic skull is actually a claw and grinder, and his gear side has multiple mechanical tentacles. He has four mechanical legs and his back is capable of bringing out two large wings for flight.

His only purpose is to destroy Horrors, but when he encountered Kouga he was curious about Kouga's nature to protect people. He challenged Kouga to a fight to examine his need to protect (save Kaoru) and offered him the Barankas Fruit as a victory prize if Kouga could defeat him with all his strength. The Grou Dragon helped Kouga summon his armor and Gouten to fight at his full potential while engaging in a clash of ideals if saving lives is more important than destroying Horrors. Kouga almost lost to him, but Zero stepped in to assist him. Kouga thought he lost the fight because he had help, but the Grou Dragon said that if Rei lend his power to Kouga, that's also part of his power. The Grou Dragon then vanished and Silva remarked that the Grou Dragon was never alive and that the power of the Makai will eventually recreate it.

The Grou Dragon is voiced by Masakazu Handa (半田 雅和 Handa Masakazu?).

The Makai Tree

The Makai Tree (魔戒樹 Makaiju?) is a tree-like creature that resides in the Makai Forest. She kept Jabi within her stomach. Inside her stomach, the Makai Tree's a round squid-like creature with multiple eyes. She has many tentacles and can shoot spears out of her "body" to defend herself. She's not a malicious creature; she kept Jabi sleeping inside her stomach for a 200 year incubation. She claimed that Jabi wasn't ready to reincarnate (hinting the Makai Tree had plans for Jabi) when Kouga came to save her.

Kouga at first had to fight off the Makai Tree's illusionary attacks. The Makai Tree has the ability to take on the forms of people within the memories of Kouga. For Kouga it as easy when Barago, Kodama, and Rei appeared, but the most difficult was when Kaoru and Taiga's form was taken. Eventually Kouga learned to suppress his feelings just long enough to defeat the Makai Tree on the first round. During the second round Kouga had Gouten increase the Fanged Wolf Horse-Slashing Sword twice its size and surfed the sword into the Makai Tree's stomach. The Makai Tree's stomach exploded and Jabi was saved. Jabi was spirited back to the living. The Makai Tree was only defeated, not destroyed.

The Makai Tree is voiced by Yukari Okuda (奥田 ゆかり Okuda Yukari?).

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