Characters of Cougar Town

Characters of Cougar Town

Cougar Town is an American television sitcom that airs on ABC. The characters were created by Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel. It focuses on a recently divorced woman who reenters a dating world while living with her 17-year old son. A pilot episode of the show was broadcast after Modern Family on September 23, 2009.

The series featured seven main cast members: a 40-year-old mother who’s newly single Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox); Ellie Torres (Christa Miller) as Jules' next door neighbor and best friend; Laurie Keller (Busy Philipps), Jules' young assistant; Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt), Jules' unemployed ex-husband; Travis Cobb (Dan Byrd), Jules' 17-year old son; Andy Torres (Ian Gomez), Ellie's husband; and Grayson Ellis (Josh Hopkins), Jules' newly divorced neighbor.


Main characters

Julia Kiki "Jules" Cobb

Courteney Cox plays Jules Cobb, a recently divorced single mother exploring the honest truths about dating and aging. Jules resides in a small town in Florida and is a real estate agent who is successful in business. Though she has been out of the dating world for a while, Jules decides to find love again. She start dating Josh,a 28-year old in the beginning of season 1. However, she breaks up with him after discovering that he wants a committed relationship whereas she just wants to have fun. She meets Jeff when she tries to sell a house to him and they date for awhile before she realizes that she is not happy in the relationship and feels overwhelmed. After her break-up with Jeff, Jules sleeps with Bobby but tells him that she does not love him like that anymore. Jules and her neighbour, Grayson are attracted to each other but only remain as friends until the episode "Letting You Go" when they kiss and sleep together. In the next episode, Grayson and Jules explore the idea of friends with benefits but they both realize that they want more and start secretly dating. In the season 1 finale, they reveal the fact that they are dating to everyone including Bobby who is upset initially but learns to accept their relationship.[1]

Elisabeth "Ellie" Torres

Christa Miller plays Ellie Torres, Jules' next door neighbor and best friend. Ellie is married to Andy Torres, and the two have a son Stan. She is the sarcastic, unapologetic confidante content who is often jealous of Jules' young assistant and friend, Laurie. She also loves to gossip but feels that Jules' new lifestyle is coming between their friendship. Her birthday is Valentine's Day.[2]

Laurie Keller

Busy Philipps plays Laurie Keller, Jules' younger employee. Laurie works with Jules in the same real estate office, as Jules' assistant. She is her feisty assistant who encourages her to get out and have some fun and tries to reacquaint her to the world of dating. She considers herself Jules' best friend although Jules' best friend is Ellie who is jealous of their friendship. She is also known for her fun-loving personality.[3]

Robert "Bobby" Cobb

Brian Van Holt plays Bobby Cobb, Jules' unemployed ex-husband. Bobby is a classic under-achiever who’ll test Jules' patience as they attempt to raise their teenage son, Travis. He spent most of their marriage touring as a semi-pro golfer and now spends his time cutting the grass at his son, Travis' high school.[4] He is of Irish, Dutch, and Scottish descent.

Travis Cobb

Dan Byrd plays Travis Cobb, is Jules' 17-year old son. He loves both of his parents although is constantly embarrassed by both of them. At school, he constantly deals with humiliation from his friends and classmates. He is generally supportive of his mother, but feels that her dating exploits cause him embarrassment. After dealing with his mom's real estate ads around town and his dad's new job as his school's lawn mower, his father helps him realize not to worry about what other people think.[5]

Andy Torres

Ian Gomez plays Andy Torres, Ellie's husband who is also Jules' next door neighbor. Andy is a devoted husband to Ellie and also a loving father to their son Stan. He loves his coffee and displays a bit of "hero worship" for Jules' ex-husband, Bobby, his best friend before and after the divorce.[6]

Grayson Ellis

Josh Hopkins plays Grayson Ellis, Jules' neighbor. Grayson, like Jules, is also newly divorced, but unlike Jules, he embraces his bachelor and single lifestyle. Grayson enjoys dating younger women and rubbing it in Jules' face. Yet he is still tethered by the fact that his ex-wife left him because he wanted kids and she didn't. (She ends up engaged and pregnant, the latter being revealed to him by Jules). [7] He unintentionally revealed his interest in Jules to Bobby and Andy at Thanksgiving.

Recurring characters

  • Carolyn Hennesy portrays Barbara "Barb" Coman, an older cougar. Barbara works in the same real estate office as Jules who is also another cougar, although Barbara is older than Jules. In the third episode, Barbara reveals that she is 48-years old.[8]
  • Bob Clendenin as Tom – Jules' widowed neighbor who expresses his attraction for her in weird ways, makes wine in his garage, and is always doing things for Jules' and the gang without getting anything back. Trying to become part of the group, he follows the gang to Hawaii but is not noticed until the end of their trip.
  • Spencer Locke portrays Kylie, Travis' girlfriend. Travis loses his virginity to Kylie, but the two later break up after they both cheat on each other. The couple later reconciles. [9] When Kylie and Travis go to college she decides to play the field but Travis wants a more committed relationship so they break up.
  • Ryan Devlin portrays Smith Frank,* a young lawyer who becomes Laurie's boyfriend. In Season 2, Smith breaks up with Laurie after she admits to Jules that she is in love with him and he realizes he doesn't feel the same way.
  • Barry Bostwick as Roger Frank- a wealthy businessman and Smith's father. He strongly disapproves of Laurie, receives golfing lessons from Bobby, and eventually buys "Penny Can" from both of them.
  • Nick Zano portrays Josh, Jules' younger boyfriend. Josh is the first guy that Jules begins dating for a string of episodes. The producers decided to keep his character around because they didn't want Cox's character to be the kind who would leave him after one episode.[10]
  • LaMarcus Tinker as Kevin – Travis's college roommate and friend. Travis annoys Kevin when they first meet, as he's trying to find his way in college. However, Travis earns Kevin's respect and they become good friends.
  • Collette Wolfe as Kirsten (Season 2)[11] – Travis' new, slightly older girlfriend, whom he met in his first semester of college. Travis subsequently proposed to her, but she immediately rejected him and has not been seen since.
  • Christopher Randazzo & Zachary Randazzo portray Stan, Andy and Ellie's baby son. [12]


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