Arundhati (1967 film)

Arundhati (1967 film)
Directed by Prafulla Sengupta
Produced by Dhiren Patnaik
Starring Braja
Minati Misra
Sarat Pujari
Music by Shantunu Mahapatra
Cinematography Bishu Chakravarty
Editing by Sukumar Sengupta
Studio Kanakprabha Productions
Release date(s) 1967
Country  India
Language Oriya

Arundhati (Oriya: ଅରୁଂଧତି'), is a 1967 Indian Oriya film directed by Prafulla Sengupta[1]



Arundhati & Manoj are lovers and part of a Odishi dance troupe. Manoj desperately loves Arundhati. One day while the troup is performing in front of action packed audience, one Biswajeet claims Arundhati is to be his wife Madhumati. Actually Madhumati died in a train accident, but Biswajeet still believes that Madhumati is still alive. In suspicion, Manoj left Arundhati and disappear. Arundhati tries to convince Biswajeet that she is not Madhmati and she has deep love interest with Manoj. Later Biswajeet finds Madhumati & Arundhati are twin sisters and Madhumati actually dies in accident. Biswajeet left the troupe to serch for Manoj. Biswajeet find Manoj in a small railway station and persuade Monaj to reunite with Arundhati.


  • Sarat Pujari as Manoj
  • Braja as Biswajeet
  • Minati Mishra as Arundhati/Madhumati


The music of the film composed by Shantunu Mahapatra. The tracks from the film include:


Track Singer Lyricist
Mayuri Go Tuma Aakashe Mun Mohammad Rafi Jibanananda Pani
Tumaku Parunita Bhuli Mohammad Rafi Jibanananda Pani
Ei Chhota Katha Tie Bhulana Pranab Patnaik , Usha Mangeshkar Gurukrushna Goswam
Aaji Mun Shrabani Luhara Harini Jeun Rajani Lata Mangeshkar Gurukrushna Goswami

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