List of dyes

List of dyes
This article is a list of chemical dyes. For natural dyestuffs, see Glossary of dyeing terms.

List of dyes with Colour Index International generic names and numbers.

Common name Synonyms C.I. generic name C.I. number
Alcian yellow GXS Sudan orange Ingrain yellow 1 12840
Alizarin Mordant red 11 58000
Alizarin red S Mordant red 3 58005
Alizarin yellow GG Mordant yellow 1 14025
Alizarin yellow R Mordant orange 1 14030
Azophloxin Azogeranin B Acid red 1 18050
Bismarck brown R Vesuvine brown Basic brown 4 21010
Bismarck brown Y Vesuvine
Phenylene brown
Basic brown 1 21000
Brilliant cresyl blue Cresyl blue BBS Basic dye 51010
Chrysoidine R Basic orange 1 11320
Chrysoidine Y Basic orange 2 11270
Congo red Direct red 28 22120
Crystal violet Basic violet 3 42555
Fuchsin acid Acid violet 19 42685
Gentian violet Basic violet 1 42535
Janus green Basic dye 11050
Lissamine fast yellow Yellow 2G Acid yellow 17 18965
Martius yellow Acid yellow 24 10315
Meldola blue Phenylene blue Basic blue 6 51175
Metanil yellow Acid yellow 36 13065
Methyl orange Acid orange 52 13025
Methyl red Acid red 2 13020
Naphthalene black 12B Amido black 10B Acid black 1 20470
Naphthol green B Acid green 1 10020
Naphthol yellow S Acid yellow 1 10316
Orange G Acid orange 10 16230
Rose bengal Acid red 94 45440
Sudan II Solvent orange 7 12140
Titan yellow Direct yellow 9 19540
Tropaeolin O Sulpho orange Acid orange 6 14270
Tropaeolin OO Acid orange 5 13080
Tropaeolin OOO Orange II Acid orange 7 15510
Victoria blue 4R Basic blue 8 42563
Victoria blue B Basic blue 26 44045
Victoria blue R Basic blue 11 44040
Xylene cyanol FF Acid blue 147 42135


  • Synonyms should be treated with caution because they are often used inconsistently, see discussion page and external link [1]


  • BDH laboratory chemicals & biochemicals catalogue 1983

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