Mas (surname)

Mas (surname)
Family name
Frecuencia de el apellido Mas en España.svg
Frequency of the surname mas in Spain.
Pronunciation Mas
Meaning farmstead or from a short form of Thomas
Region of origin Spain, France, Germany and Netherlands
Language(s) of origin Catalan and Occitan or Low German and Dutch
Related names de Mas, du Mas, Dumas, Maas, Mass, Thomas

Mas is a surname of Catalan and Occitan or North German and Dutch origin. It accounts for 0.068% of the population in Spain, with 0.879% found amongst Catalans, and 0.017% in France.[1]


Origin and Meaning


  • Alejandro Bofill Mas (born 1960), Catalan chess player and FIDE international master
  • Alphonse Mas (1817-1875), French President of the French Pomological Society and Ain Horticultural Society
  • André Boyer-Mas (1904-1972), French cleric and diplomat
  • Andreu Mas-Colell (born 1944), Catalan economist
  • Antoni Colom Mas (born 1978), Catalan cyclist
  • Antoni Mas i Borràs, Knight of the Order of Montesa
  • Antoni Mas Fornés (born 1968), historian and writer, who in 2005 received the OCB Miquel dels Sants Oliver Prize
  • Anna Genover-Mas (born 1963), Catalan journalist and writer of children's books, one of which won the Vicenta Ferrer Vila de Paterna prize for the best children's literature book of 2007
  • Arcadi Mas i Fontdevila (1852-1934), Catalan painter and artist and founder of the Sitges Luminista School
  • Artur Mas i Gavarró (born 1956), Catalan politician
  • Bernat Mas "des Plá del Rey", knighted for his service to King John II of Castile in the wars against the Prince of Vienna
  • Carlos Mas Samora (born 1957), Catalan former all-terrain motorcyclist
  • Carolyne Mas (born 1955), American singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist and producer
  • Francesc Joan Mas (born 1522), Catalan philosopher
  • Francesc Mas i Ros (1901-1985), Catalan composer
  • Francis Mas (1936-2006), French former player for the French rugby union team and rugby league team
  • Gabriel Mas Arbona (born 1933), Catalan cyclist, known for placing in the 1959 Volta a Espanya and winning the 1960 Volta a Andalusia
  • Guillem Mas, among those who formed the "Sixteen" in 1521[3]
  • Jaume Mas "des Plá del Rey", alderman of the municipality of Palma
  • Jaume Mas, Bishop of Vic (1674-1684)
  • Jean-Baptiste Charles Mas de Polart (born 1775), French General and Lieutenant General
  • Jeanne Mas (born 1958), Catalan born French pop singer and actress
  • Joan Mas (born 1520), in 1550 fought against the Turks that had invaded Pollensa
  • Joan Mas i Bauzà (1928-1992), Catalan writer
  • Juan Vicente Mas Quiles (born 1921), Catalan orchestra and band conductor and composer
  • Joan Mas i Cantí, Catalan economist
  • Joan Mas i Ramon (born 1932), Catalan postimpressionist painter
  • Joan Mas i Vives (born 1951), Catalan literary critic, author and philologist
  • Josep Moragues i Mas (1669-1715), Catalan General who fought in the War of Spanish Succession
  • Jorge Mas Canosa (1939-1997), Cuban-American activist best known for his strong opposition to Fidel Castro and his leadership of the Cuban-American National Foundation
  • Josep Vicenç Foix i Mas (1893-1987), Catalan poet, journalist and essayist
  • Lluís Mas i Borràs, Knight of the Order of Montesa
  • Lluís Mas i Pons (1903-1975), Catalan lawyer, teacher, poet and writer
  • Lluís Mas i Ossó (1908-1984), Catalan athlete and politician
  • Manuel Mas Ribó (born 1946), former foreign minister of Andorra
  • Miguel Mas, member in 1569 of the Gran and General Counsel of the Kingdom of Spain
  • Miguel Mas (born 1967), Argentinian actor, producer, director and screenwriter, known for his roles on television, as a guest star on the long-running medical drama ER
  • Miquel Mas Ferrà (born 1950), Catalan writer
  • Miquel Mas Gayà (born 1943), Catalan cycling world champion
  • Nicolas Mas (born 1980), French player for the French rugby union team
  • Nicolas Mas-Castellane (died 1586), French Huguenot General in the French Wars of Religion
  • Oscar Más (born 1946), Argentine former football striker for Club Atlético River Plate
  • Pere Sampol Mas (born 1951), Cantalan technical engineer in the electronics industry, known for his political facet of the PSM
  • Father Vicente Mas, member of the Carthusian Order
  • Regino Más i Marí (1899-1968), Catalan Falles artist
  • Roger Mas (born 1931), French politician
  • Salvador Mas i Conde (born 1951), Catalan conductor and musical and artistic director of the City of Granada Orchestra
  • Sergi Mas, Andorran sculptor, designer, illustrator, painter, engraver, lithographer and writer
  • Sergi Mas y Abad (born 1964), Catalan actor and journalist
  • Sinibaldo de Mas (1809-1868), Catalan sinologist, painter, calligrapher, writer, ambassador, adventurer, photography pioneer, and known Spanish government diplomat to Asia during the 19th century


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