series and an alien from the planet Hellstorm. After evolving over many years, he became a cosmic being. Over the time of 200 million years, he sought to collect beautiful planets by consuming them. He lands deep within the Atlantic ocean to wait for the right time to consume Earth. In the end, he was defeated by Demitri and was consumed by him. Originally, he came to Earth 65 million years ago and created the army of Huitzil robots to destroy life on Earth. It is unknown why Pyron didn't consume Earth back then, though it is assumed to be his lust for more worthy opponents. In the UDON comic, it is explained that Pyron wanted the Earth to "ripen" before harvesting it.



Demitri Maximoff hosts a tournament on planet Earth to see who of all the Darkstalkers is worthy to rule the Demon World. Pyron, who has a history with Earth, having once sent an army of Huitzil robots. He decides to enter the tournament and use it as an opportunity to remove all obstacles of his takeover. His plan fails, however, and he is defeated by Demitri. Before Demitri can finish him, however, Pyron flees and returns to Hellstorm.

"Darkstalkers II"

Pyron invades Earth to add it to his collection. This causes the Darkstalkers to come to the defense of Earth. Pyron comes face to face with Demitri, who consumes the alien life form.

"Darkstalkers III"

While Pyron does not appear in the original arcade version of "Darkstalkers III", he makes a non-canonical appearance in the home version, along with Donovan and Huitzil. The villain of the third entry is Jedah, whose fate is currently unknown.

Other appearances

In the "Night Warriors" OVA, Pyron is the main antagonist as the series develops. He comes to Earth hoping to be its ruler. The Huitzil robots awaken to gather data on the Darkstalkers, Pyron's only real threat. He allies himself with the robots but while he is the creator of them in the video games, there is no mention of him creating the robots in the OVA. Evidence of this is that their programming is counter to his overall goals and they eventually have a falling out between them. It is shown in the story that Pyron once came to Earth before in the form of a comet passing by which caused the Darkstalkers to scramble for the Earth since Pyron's light was piercing the aura of the dark. Mei-ling and Hsien-Ko's mother sacrificed herself to destroy the Darkstalkers invading the palace they were defending. Mei-ling and Hsien-ko blamed Pyron's descent for her death and wish to destroy him. Pyron is then seen forming his fighting form inside the comet. It isn't made clear whether he is descending into hiding on Earth or that he is continuing on into space to later return to the planet. The latter scenario is more likely as the event he descends takes place around 200 years before the current setting and Pyron's presence isn't known to any of the Earth's denizens but Hsien-ko, Mei-Ling, and the Huitzul. Pyron is a powerful entity, capable of creating miniature suns (which also destroy large cities) that remove the darkness surrounding the world and to draw out the darkstalkers for battle. His reason for fighting them is to satisfy his lust for battle and to have challenges on his ascent to being Earth's ruler. He easily defeated Anakaris, Rikuo, Sasquatch, Victor, and Demitri in battle but it is not known if he fought Felicia, Lord Raptor, Bishamon, and Jon Talbain as well. He doesn't fight Morrigan as she was in the demon world during his activity on Earth. After his battle with Demitri, he is attacked by the Huitzil which he defeats easier than any of the Darkstalkers he fought. Mei-ling and Hsien-ko attack him in a arena but none of their attacks have any effect on him and they are beaten with little effort. Donovan confronts him but his attacks are just as ineffective. Angry with another disappointing battle, Pyron mortally wounds Donovan and then declares the Earth to be boring because of it's species "lack of evolutionary advances" and no satisfying battles. He angrily demands, "Begone, boring planet, begone and plague Pyron no more!", which implies he will destroy the Earth. He is then interrupted by the Giant Huitzil which was sent by the surviving Huitzil's to destroy him. The Giant Huitzul stuns Pyron long enough to grasp him and send him out into orbit but it is heavily damaged by Pyron and can not continue combat. Back on Earth, Donovan is revived by Anita's new found power which enhances his abilities greatly. He defeats Pyron by summoning the Wind Spirit to perform the Press of Death which slays Pyron in one blow. Pyron is voiced by David Kaye.

In the DiC "Darkstalkers" cartoon, voiced by Gary Chalk, Pyron has ambitions of taking over Earth, but is much weaker than his original incarnation and is even shown as a bumbling coward. Depicted as an entity made of flame in most appearances, the cartoon turned him into a living being who roamed space in a gigantic spacecraft and who preferred to let his let his minions do his work for him. The reason for this was revealed late in the series, stating that the spaceship was the source of his powers and that if he left it, he would become progressively weaker. In addition to this, Pyron's ship was set to explode with enough force to "destroy the entire Earth, its moon and possibly half the solar system" if he was away from it for more than 24 hours. In this series, he also had an older and much stronger brother by the name of Terramon whom he feared terribly. At the end of the series, Terramon, sick of his little brother's constant failures in attempting to take over the world, tries to take over the world for himself. Though still frightened of his brother, Pyron stands up to him and allies with all the other Darkstalkers and even befriends them in order to save the world. After Terramon is routed, Felicia asks him if their war is over; he laughs and replies that their war is not over and that by tommorrow they will be fighting again but for that night, Felicia and the people of Earth can sleep in peace. Felicia and her friends smile and then bid Pyron a good night.


*Pyron's height and weight remain unknown; he is the only character in the series to have this enigmatic nature to both his size measurements, presumably because his shapeshifting abilities allow him to change either at will.
*Pyron appears as a boss character that you can unlock in "Capcom Fighting Evolution". He also will appear as an alternative final boss instead of Jedah if the EX Option in "Darkstalkers 3" is set to Night Warriors Style.
*Pyron has been voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama since his debut.
*If Pyron is electrocuted by a character with that ability (such as Victor), his "skeleton" appears as a constellation, indicating his cosmic nature. Although flame-based attacks will damage Pyron, he does not possess a "burned" sprite animation like other characters do; if hurt by fire, he will react as if injured by a normal attack.
*His name comes from "pyro", the Greek word for "fire", which points out his physical nature in quite an obvious way.
*Pyron's appearance as the final boss in "Capcom Fighting Evolution" is often considered a case of SNK Boss Syndrome. A few arguments in favor of this include his ability to attack players while they are prone (after being knocked down) similarly, Pyron can use an attack that will turn him into a laughing pillar of flame, damaging anything that comes into contact with him. He will commonly use this attack while standing over a prone opponent, who will then receive damage (and once again be knocked down) immediately upon regaining their footing. Many of Pyron's combos, if not properly parried, can take away nearly 75% of a players health bar.
*Pyron can also change into a laughing pillar of flame in the original "Darkstalkers", but only as a win pose.
*He is playable in the first Darkstalkers game though a cheat with an emulator, and also includes an ending as well. It is identical to his Night Warrior's ending, except there is no real text to go along with it.
*Hao Asakura, from the manga/anime, "Shaman King" is allied with a spirit that has close resemblance to Pyron. Mainly the head and large body, also the same element with they can emit.

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