Toyotaro Miyazaki

Toyotaro Miyazaki

Sensei Toyotaro Miyazaki is the Head of the International Shotokai Federation.

Sensei Miyazaki, who was born in Tokyo, Japan, began his karate training at the age of 15 under Master Tomasaburo Okano at the Kenkojyuku Dojo. He trained in Shotokan Karate in Japan until his mid twenties before coming to the United States.

Upon arriving in the United States he quickly achieved fame as one of the fiercest karate competitors in both Kata and Kumite. His skills brought him to be on the cover of Black Belt Magazine, Karate Illustrated, and Official Karate. In addition to being on the cover of these magazines he has been featured in the articles of these magazines multiple times.

Having been established in Flushing over 30 years, Sensei Miyazaki has taught thousands of students and has produced hundreds of black belts, some of whom have become Instructors at their own Karate Dojos.

Sensei Miyazaki is also a former instructor of the Long Island University Karate Instructor Certification program. As such he is responsible for the development and spreading of Modern Karate, in association with Dr. Milorad V. Stricević of LIU and the Yugoslav Karate expert and National Team selector and coach Sensei Dušan Dačić.



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