Jerzy Tyszkiewicz

Jerzy Tyszkiewicz
Jerzy Tyszkiewicz, bishop of Vilnius

Jerzy Tyszkiewicz (Lithuanian: Jurgis Tiškevičius) (1596–1656) was auxiliary bishop of Vilnius from 1627 to 1633, bishop of Samogitia from 1633 to 1649, and bishop of Vilnius from 1649 to 1656.

He was born in Vištytis (Polish: Wisztyniec) town, to a prominent noble family of Tyszkiewicz (Tiškevičiai).

Educated in jesuit academies, he took the Holy Orders in 1622. He served as the canon in Kraków (Cracow) and later, Vilnius. In 1637 he would found a monastery in what would become the town of Žemaičių Kalvarija. Using his personal wealth, he built churches in Surviliškis, Kuliai, Laukžemė, Pušalotas and in other Lithuanian places.

He was seen as an active administrator, politician and diplomat.

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Merkelis Geišas (Melchior Gieysz)
Bishop of Samogitia
Succeeded by
Piotr Parczewski
Preceded by
Abraham Woyna
Bishop of Vilnius
Succeeded by
Jan Karol Dowgiałło Zawisza

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