Toe socks

Toe socks

Toe socks are socks that have been knitted so that each toe is individually encasedcite web|url=|title=Toe Socks|work=Sock Dreams|author=Yummy Wakame|year=2000-2007|accessdate=2007-07-05] the same way that fingers are individually encased in a glove.

All sock lengths are available as toe socks, from anklet and ankle socks through to knee-high and over-knee socks. They are also available with rubber soles.


Toe socks came into popularity in the 1970s and made a comeback in the 1990s as a novelty item worn by adolescents. These later socks are usually almost knee high, striped, and sometimes worn with flip-flops to make a fashion statement.

By 2004 they were available in plain colours and being adopted as normal footwear.

ecret socks

The term "toe socks" is also used to describe "secret socks", or glove socks a form of sock which covers only the front of the foot,cite web|url= |title=Toe socks (UK Patent Application GB2419802A)|work=esp@cenet (UK Intellectual Property Office)|author=Stephanie Woolley|year=2004|accessdate=2007-07-05] designed to be worn with mules or sling back shoes.

ee also

* Tabi - a sock with a separate compartment for the big toe, the other toes being housed together


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