S.W.O.R.A. - Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance

S.W.O.R.A. - Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance

S.W.O.R.A. ("Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance") is an international fan network born with the purpose of bringing "Star Wars" fans from different countries together to enable them to share experiences, knowledge and information about their local "Star Wars" activities.". [ [http://www.swora.net/whatisit.html What's S.W.O.R.A. ] ]


"Star Wars" fans from all around the world have for a long time now expressed the need to get in touch with each other, in order for their local fandoms to develop and grow. S.W.O.R.A. has been created to answer that need.
S.W.O.R.A. was initially formed by eight people from seven different countries, along with the "Star Wars" actor Gerald Home. The aim of the Alliance is to expand its borders and reach out to more fans from many other countries, thus increasing the number of its members.

Founding Members of S.W.O.R.A.

*Ambassador [http://www.GeraldHome.com/ Gerald Home]
** [http://www.teekay-421.be Teekay-421]
** [http://www.lightsabre.co.uk/ Lightsabre.co.uk]
** [http://www.galacticempire.net/ Galactic Empire Network]
** [http://www.starwars.hu/center/index.php Star Wars Hungary]
*New Zealand
** [http://swnz.dr-maul.com/ Star Wars New Zealand]
** [http://www.starwars.pl/ Imperial City Online]
** [http://www.swccpt.blogspot.com/ Star Wars Clube Portugal]
** [http://www.yildizsavaslari.com/ Yildiz Savaslari]


Since S.W.O.R.A. was founded, other "Star Wars" fan clubs and sites from all over the world have joined the alliance. As of August 2008, S.W.O.R.A. has 13 member groups from 10 different countries, and many people are registered as individual members on the S.W.O.R.A. forum.

Latest country members:
** [http://www.allied-force.net/ Allied Force] Joined July 31, 2008.
** [http://outerrim.pl/ The Outer Rim] Joined July 31, 2008.
** [http://www.galactic-voyage.com/ Galactic Voyage] Joined July 31, 2008.
** [http://www.holored.com/ Holored Estelar Seville] Joined August 2, 2008.
** [http://www.eucantina.net/ EUCantina] Joined August 6, 2008


From January 2008, S.W.O.R.A. co-founder Gerald Home, the actor who played Tessek (Squid Head) and the Mon Calamari Officer in ', was the first official ambassador of S.W.O.R.A.. In July 2008, actor Richard LeParmentier, who played Admiral Motti in ', became the new ambassador and Gerald Home was appointed Honorary Ambassador. [ [http://www.theforce.net/latestnews/story/SWORA_And_JumpCon_Boston_Updates_116218.asp New S.W.O.R.A. ambassador ] ]

External links

* [http://www.swora.net S.W.O.R.A. Website]


*1. [http://www.theforce.net/latestnews/story/introducing_the_swora_111692.asp Introducing S.W.O.R.A.]
*2. [http://www.swora.net/history.html How S.W.O.R.A. began]
*3. [http://www.theforce.net/latestnews/story/SWORA_And_JumpCon_Boston_Updates_116218.asp New Ambassador]
*4. [http://www.swora.net/whatisit.html What is it?]

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