Constellation 3D

Constellation 3D

Constellation 3D (C3D or CDDD)[1] was a company developing a new optical medium, the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc and Card (FMD/C).[2][3][4]

The company was shut down following a failure to receive a committed investment by a Swiss based investor (see Press Releases of November 20, 2001, January 3, 2002, February 19, 2002 and April 19, 2002) and the unavailability of other financial sources. The company stopped activities and later on filed for bankruptcy. A company called D Data Inc.[5] was formed which acquired the entire patent portfolio of Constellation 3D in 2003, and reintroduced the technology under the new name of Digital Multilayer Disk (DMD).

According to Dr. Ingolf Sander, General Manager of Products until 2001,[6][7] the reason for the company shutting down "could have stemmed from their inability to overcome stability problems" in the fluorescent materials used to make FMDs.[8] This claim stands in sharp contrast with both the decision of the Board of Directors to stop activities due to the lack of financial resources, and the completion by D-Data of working product versions based on the same materials.

While Constellation 3D declared bankruptcy, company stock continues to trade on the Pink Sheets under the symbol CDDDQ.PK.

Key people

  • Chairman: Itzhak Yaakov
  • President & CEO: Eugene Levich
  • Interim Chief Operating Officer: Michael Goldberg
  • General Manager of Products: Dr. Ingolf Sander



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