Triton may refer to one of many things named after Triton, a Greek god, the messenger of the deep, son of Poseidon, god of the sea.


* Triton College, a two-year college located in River Grove, Illinois
* Triton Regional School District, a school district in North East Massachusetts
* Tritons, the mascot for Edmonds Community College
* The Tritons, the athletic mascot for the University of California, San Diego
* Tritons, the mascot for Eckerd College (St. Petersburg, Florida)
* Tritons, the mascot for Pacifica High School (Oxnard, California)
* Tritons, the mascot for San Clemente High School (San Clemente, California)
* Tritons, the mascot for University of Missouri–St. Louis
* Tritons, the mascot for Iowa Central Community College
* Tritons, the mascot for Mariner High School
* Tritons, the mascot for Laurel Hill Swim Team, Lorton, VA (founded by Gemma)


* SO.6000 Triton, the first French jet, built by the "Société nationale des constructions aéronautiques du sud-ouest" (SNCASO)


* Triton (moon), the largest moon of the planet Neptune
* A misspelling of Keith P. Tritton, British astronomer


* Ford Triton engine, a series of engines made by the Ford Motor Company
* Mitsubishi Triton, four wheel drive pickup truck
* Triton motorcycle, a hybrid Cafe racer style of motorbike built from a Triumph engine and a Norton chassis


* Triton X-100, a nonionic detergent often used in extraction buffers
* A tritium nucleus, particularly one used as a bombarding particle or emitted in a nuclear reaction


* "Triton (novel)", a novel by Samuel R. Delany
* King Triton, Princess Ariel's father in the Disney animated film "The Little Mermaid"
* "Tritón", a Mexican magazine
* "Umi no Triton", an anime TV series
* Triton (comics), a Marvel Comics character
* Thomas Triton, a character from "The Deptford Mice" books by Robin Jarvis


* Triton, Newfoundland and Labrador, a Canadian city
* Triton, Washington, an American city
* Triton River, Crete, a river known in antiquity which is now known as the Gazi River, or Gazanos River, or Gazanos Potamos, which passes through the town of Gazi, Crete


* Korg Triton, a workstation musical synthesizer
* Triton (band), a Japanese progressive rock band
* The Tritonz (band) a Canadian/American heavy metal band fronted by Jon-Mikl Thor
* Triton (record label), formerly known as Discordia


* "Triton" (Jacques Cartier), one of Jacques Cartier's two ships for his first voyage in 1534
* HMS "Triton" or HMS "Tryton", eight vessels of the Royal Navy
* RV "Triton", an experimental trimaran that underwent trials with the Royal Navy from 2001 to 2005
* Triton (Y-5), a Greek Navy WWII submarine launched in 1930
* "Triton II" (S-112), a Greek Navy submarine, launched in 1971
* USS "Triton", three vessels of the United States Navy
* USCGC "Triton", two ships of the United States Coast Guard
* The Allied code name for a communication network using the Enigma machine used by German War Navy during the Second World War
* Pearson Triton, one of the first production fiberglass sailboats manufactured in the United States


* Triton (mollusk), a marine snail of the family Ranellidae
* Tritonia a genus of nudibranch or a genus of flowering plant


* AIM Triton, a version of the AOL Instant Messenger software
* Triton ATM Machines, world's largest manufacturer of off-premise ATM
* Triton (content delivery), a digital game distribution service
* Triton (demogroup), an IBM-PC demoscene demogroup (1992–1996)
* [] , a SODAR sonic wind profiler from Second Wind

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