Pellegrino (disambiguation)

Pellegrino (disambiguation)

Pellegrino may refer to:

In brands:
*San Pellegrino, an Italian brand of mineral water produced in San Pellegrino Terme, Italy

In geography:
*Mount Pellegrino, Italian mountain in Sicily
*Passo San Pellegrino, Italian pass in the Alps
*Pellegrino Parmense, Italian city of the Province of Parma
*San Pellegrino Terme, Italian city of the Province of Bergamo

People with the surname "Pellegrino":
*Adriano Pellegrino (b. 1984), Australian football (soccer) player
*Aline Pellegrino (b. 1982), Brazilian soccer player
*Charles R. Pellegrino (b. 1963), American author
*Edmund D. Pellegrino, chairman of the President's Council on Bioethics
*Frank Pellegrino, American actor
*Giovanni Pellegrino (b. 1939), Italian politician
*Kurt Pellegrino (b. 1979), American mixed martial artist
*Mark Pellegrino (b. 1965), American actor
*Mauricio Pellegrino (b. 1971), Argentine soccer player, brother of Maximiliano Pellegrino
*Maximiliano Pellegrino (b. 1980), Argentine soccer player, brother of Mauricio Pellegrino
*Michele Pellegrino (1903-1986), Italian archbishop
*Nicky Pellegrino (b. 1964), English author
*San Danielo da Pellegrino (ca. 1480-1545), Italian painter
*Vincenzo Pellegrino, English actor

People with the first name "Pellegrino":
*Pellegrino Aretusi (ca. 1460-1523), Italian painter
*Pellegrino Artusi (1820-1911), Italian author of cuisine books
*Pellegrino Ascani, Italian painter
*Pellegrino da San Daniele (1467-1547), Italian painter
*Pellegrino Ernetti (1925-1994), Italian Benedictine priest
*Pellegrino Morano, Italian-American mafia boss
*Pellegrino Piola (1617-1640), Italian painter
*Pellegrino Rossi (1787-1848), Italian politician
*Pellegrino Tibaldi (1527-1596), Italian architect and artist

In scholarship:
*Joseph Pellegrino University Professor, a Harvard University professorship

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