Diane may refer to:

  • Diane, a name of the deity Artemis
  • Diane-35, a combined oral contraceptive pill
  • Citroën Dyane, a car
  • Dyane, a town in India
  • The Dian Kingdom, a kingdom in ancient China
  • Lake Dian, a lake in present China
  • Hurricane Diane, a disastrous Atlantic hurricane during 1955
  • Group Diane, a former special forces unit of the Belgian gendarmerie
  • Backformation of ethane from alkane and molecular naming di- + -ane
  • Steak Diane, a culinary dish
  • Dianetics, mental health theory
  • Diane (film), a 1956 film starring Lana Turner
  • "Diane" (song), a song by The Bachelors in 1964
  • "Diane" (Therapy? song), a song by Hüsker Dü from the Metal Circus EP. Later covered by Therapy? on the 1995 album Infernal Love
  • "Diane", a song by Guster from Keep It Together
  • "Little Diane", a song by Dion
  • "My Diane", a song by The Beach Boys
  • "Oh Diane", a song by Fleetwood Mac from the album Mirage
  • "Jack & Diane", a song by John Cougar Mellenkamp
  • Project DIANE, the Diversified Information and Assistance NEtwork, a U.S. videoconferencing based community service network
Notable people named Diane

Alternative spellings include Dianne, Dian, Dyan and Dyane. See also Di and Diana

Fictional characters named Diane
  • Diane Court, a fictional character in the 1989 Cameron Crowe film Say Anything..., played by Ione Skye
  • Diane Chambers, a fictional character in the TV series Cheers
  • Diane Darcy, a fictional race car driver
  • Diane, an unseen character from the 2008 video game No More Heroes
  • Diane, an unseen character in the television show Twin Peaks, to whom Dale Cooper addresses messages on a pocket tape recorder
  • Diane Jenkins Newman, a character on the American soap opera The Young and the Restless

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