Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde is a techno artistic laboratory based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, which has made severalinternationally acclaimed [ Tate Modern] interactive artworks such as [ 4D-Pixel] , [ Dune] and [ Flow 5.0] .

Mostly Studio Roosegaarde is [ well known] for its interactive installations which react to sound and motion. Besides its many international shows such as in Hong Kong and Tate Modern London, it functions as a laboratory with own ‘in-house’ productions such as an upcoming [ Liquid Space 6.0] .

Launched by media artist Daan Roosegaarde the lab is currently working on larger scale interactiveinstallations in architecture and public space. Its latest venture is the [ Sustainable Dance Floor] .

Daan Roosegaarde

New Media Artist Daan Roosegaarde, studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts AKI in Enschede and received a Master at the Berlage Institute, a Postgraduate Laboratory of Architecture in Rotterdam.In 2006, Daan launched Studio Roosegaarde which is an initiative primarily involved in the research and development of interactive installations in collaboration with various material manufacturers, software programmers and other whiz kids, with the goal to create freaky and innovative environments.

"The work at Studio Roosegaarde explores the dynamic relation between Architecture, people and new media. In this research the sculptures are a materialized collision of technology and the human body. Through the use of new media the sculptures trigger human senses to make a sensual engagement with their environment" "Daan Roosegaarde

"For too long, the concept of architecture has been a diluted to encompass a sum of walls, doors and windows. I have always felt a need to make work which could function as an activating mediator" Daan Roosegaarde

Daan gets inspiration for projects when he travels,Kevin Kelly (executive director of wired magazine) and public spaces where people interact with each other and the environment. Daan invites visitors to becme a participant rather than an observer, human interaction is the key ingredient to his work which shapes the personality and identity of the work. Daan believes it is the inter-connection and fusion between the materials, software and human behaviour that a form begins to arise and observing the constant dialogue between the participant and the installations are key to the development of future installations.

“I remember my first encounter with a Roosegaarde Installation…. It was in 2007 and I had a stressful day at work. I was walking along Maastunnel in Rotterdam in my own little world filled with thoughts and worries about what I had to do that evening. Suddenly I was stopped in my tracks, no longer was I in an endless bleak concrete tunnel with an eternity of boring tiles. But, I was surrounded and immersed in a sea of light, created by (with what looked like) hundreds of glowing wavy wands, almost like bushes of light which lined the hard edged tunnel walls. It was such a magnificent spectacle; I just had to touch it! I slowly moved through the tunnel watching the wands sway as I brushed past them with my body. Then, I noticed that the light was following me, it was amazing and wherever I stood the light would get brighter. I found myself testing it and trying to catch it out by moving to different parts yet still it followed me. Before I knew it I felt like I was performing for it, I laughed out loud, (I didn’t care who was around as I was having fun!) and then the whole installation flickered. It was magical, how did it work? It felt like I was immersed in hundreds of glowing eyes that where watching me and following my movements! Then, unfortunately the reality of having to get home kicked in so I tore myself away and carried on with my journey with a big smile on my face, free from all my worries! I’m looking forward to another Roosegaarde encounter!” Katie Gaudion, London.

Recent Exhibitions & Publications

Studio Roosegaarde's projects have been exhibited at Microwave International New Media Arts Festival Hong Kong, TodaysArt NL, Sculpture Quadrennial 2008 in Riga (LV), Digital Art Lacda L.A. (USA), BIP (Building Interactive Playground) in Italy and many other international cities. Their exhibitions move between art and architecture and are site related artworks of interaction.

One of the most interesting articles came when one of its artworks appeared [ the cover of AD during presented at Tate Modern London.]
See also: [, Ottagona Milano, ITA.] , [, AtD Beijing, CN.] and [, LAB Ekaterinburg, RUS.]

[ 2008 info from official site]

Interactive Projects

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