Antipope John

Antipope John

Antipope John may refer to:

* Antipope John VIII (844), in opposition to Pope Sergius II
* Antipope John XVI (997–998), in opposition to Pope Gregory V
* Antipope John XXIII (1410–1415), in opposition to Pope Gregory XII

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* Pope John

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  • Antipope John XXIII —     John XXIII     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► John XXIII     Antipope of the Pisan party (1400 15), b. about 1370; d. 22 November, 1419. Cardinal Baldassare Cossa was one of the seven Cardinals who, in May, 1408, deserted …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Antipope John XXIII — Baldassarre Cossa (c. 1370 ndash; November 22, 1419), also known as John XXIII, was pope or antipope during the Western Schism (1410 ndash;1415) and is now officially regarded by the Catholic Church as an antipope.BiographyBaldassarre Cardinal… …   Wikipedia

  • Antipope John XVI — John XVI, born Johannes Philagathos, called by Latin chroniclers Piligato or Filagatto (died ca 1001) was an antipope from 997 to 998.Born at Rossano in the Byzantine territories of Southern Italy, he was the chaplain of Theophanu, [Arnulf of… …   Wikipedia

  • Antipope John VIII — Pope John VIII or Pope John was an antipope of the Roman Catholic church, during the year of 844. On the death of Gregory IV the archdeacon John was proclaimed pope by popular acclamation, while the nobility elected Sergius, a Roman of noble… …   Wikipedia

  • Tomb of Antipope John XXIII — The Tomb of Antipope John XXIII is the marble tomb monument of Antipope John XXIII (Baldassare Cossa, c. 1360–1419), created by Donatello and Michelozzo for the Florence Baptistry adjacent to the Duomo. It was commissioned by the executors of… …   Wikipedia

  • JOHN XVI (XVII), Antipope —     John XVI (XVII)     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► John XVI (XVII)     Antipope 997 998; d. probably in 1013. After the death of John XV, Bruno, a relative of Otto III and his chaplain, was raised through the royal influence to the papal throne as …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • John VIII — may refer to: * Pope John VIII, Pope from 872 to 882 * Antipope John VIII, antipope in 844 * John VIII Palaiologos (1392–1448), Byzantine Emperor * The mythical Pope Joan, in some versions of her legendee also* John 8, the eighth chapter of the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Antipope Alexander V — Alexander V Antipope Alexander V (1409–1410) Papacy began June 26, 1409 Papacy ended May 3, 1410 …   Wikipedia

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