Kambsdalur is the newest village of the Faroe Islands.

It was settled since 5 October 1985 in the valley "Ytri Dalur" which is both a part of Gøta municipality and Fuglafjørður municipality. Nevertheless, the village of Kambsdalur only covers the Fuglafjørður-part of "Ytri Dalur", which was bought by the Fuglafjarðar kommuna in 1981.

Kambsdalur has developed into a service center during its short existence. In Kambsdalur you will find the regional sports-centre, a woodshop, a large range of mechanical services and - most important - the regional youth education centre, including a high school and a business school. Yet this has not meant that the village has increased its population overwhelmingly. In 2005 Kambsdalur had 170 inhabitants. This should be compared with the enormous amount of employment in the village.

Kambsdalur should be seen as an example of the Faroese commuting-culture. Kambsdalur is not a traditional Faroese village, but a village designed explicitly to be driven to and from. Its greatest value lies in the fact that it is situated fairly close to most of the larger towns of the northern Faroes, including Fuglafjørður, Leirvík, Gøta, Runavík and Klaksvík.

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