name = "Eisenia bicyclis"
domain = Eukaryota
regnum = Chromalveolata
phylum = Heterokontophyta
classis = Phaeophyceae
ordo = Laminariales
familia = Alariaceae
genus = "Eisenia"
species = "E. bicyclis"
binomial = "Eisenia bicyclis"
binomial_authority = (Kjellman) Setchell 1905
synonyms = "Ecklonia bicyclis"

Arame, "Eisenia bicyclis" syn. "Ecklonia bicyclis", is a species of kelp best known for its use in Japanese cuisine. It is one of many species of seaweed used in Japanese dishes.

Arame is high in calcium, iron and is also harvested for alginate and iodine. It contains the storage polysaccharide laminarin and the tripeptide eisenin.

Arame comes in brown strands, has a mild semi-sweet flavour and a firm texture. It can be added to soups, muffins, pilafs among others.

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Further Scientific Reading

* Kojima, T. et al. (1993). Eisenin (L-pyroGlu-L-Gln-L-Ala), a new biological response modifier. "Journal of Immunotherapy". 13(1):36-42.

Further Culinary Reading

* Kristina Turner. 1996. The Self-Healing Cookbook: A Macrobiotic Primer for the Healing Body. p.122

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