Free file format

Free file format

A free file format is a file format whose full specification is freely available and for which there are no restrictions (e.g. legal or technical) on its use. [cite web
title=Free File Format Definition
accessdate=February 11, 2007
] Users may design and use variations that suit their needs, and contribute enhancements for potential incorporation into the next official version of the format.Fact|date=July 2008

Free file formats are good for interoperability and to prevent vendor lock-in.Fact|date=July 2008 It is a cornerstone in open systems.Fact|date=July 2008

Archiving and compression

*7z — for both archiving and compression.
*SQX — for both archiving and compression.
*PAQ — for compression.
*bzip2 — for compression.
*gzip — for compression.
*tar — for archiving.
*ZIP — for both archiving and compression.


*PNGlossless compressed format. [ [ PNG Specification (Second Edition)] ]
*MNG — moving pictures, based on PNG.
*SVGvector graphics. [ [ W3C SVG] ]
*Ogg (A container format).
**Vorbis — An audio codec.
***The Vorbis format was developed specifically to compete with the widely used, but patented MP3 audio compression format.
**Theora — A video codec.
**FLAC — Lossless audio codec.
**Speex — Speech codec.
**CMML — Timed metadata and subtitles.
*Matroska — (A container format).
*Musepack — An audio codec.
*WavPack — An audio codec.
*SMIL — A media playlisting format and multimedia integration language. [ [ W3C SMIL] ] [ [ SMIL 2.1 (W3C Recommendation)] ]
*XSPF — A playlist format for multimedia.


*DVI — device independent (TeX).
*HTML/XHTMLmarkup language for web pages.
*LaTeX — document markup language.
*Office Open XML — a formatted text format (Ecma-376). [ [ Ecma 376] ]
*OpenDocument v1.0 — a formatted text format (ISO/IEC 26300:2006). [cite web
title =ISO/IEC 26300:2006 Information technology -- Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.0
*PostScript — a page description language and programming language.
*RTF — a formatted text format.
*TXT — a plain text file.


*CSV — spreadsheet file formats.
*CSS — style sheet format.
*DjVu — for scanned images.
*EAS3 — binary file format for floating point data
*ELF — Executable and Linkable Format.
*Hierarchical Data Format — Multi-platform data format for storing multidimensional arrays, among other data structures.
*NZB — for multipart binary files on Usenet.
*NetCDF — for scientific data.
*SDXF — the Structured Data eXchange Format.
*SFV — checksum.
*XML — a general-purpose markup language. [ [ W3C XML] ]
**RSS — syndication.
*YAML — human readable data serialization format.

ee also

* Open format
* Open standard
* Free software
* Open source
* Open source codecs and containers
* Free protocol


External links

* [ Free File Format Definition]
* [ Definition of Free Cultural Works]

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