Little Birds (song)

Little Birds (song)

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"Little Birds"" is the only song by Neutral Milk Hotel written after the release of "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" of which a recorded version exists. Jeff Mangum played the song live and before the song described what it was about:

It's the beginning of a story where a boy is in a not-so-nice situation. One day, little birds start to form around him in his room. They start coming into his body and he was very happy about this. But unfortunately he tries to share it with other people and they get very upset because this is something that he finds to be very beautiful but they don't find very beautiful and they want to destroy it.

Little Birds Lyrics

Little birds born without a mother or a father
I can watch their bodies forming in the running water
Now there is another one in the middle of my mouth
A hundred all together within me now
Little birds, little birds, come into my body
Mother they're within me every moment I am waking
Bodies multiplying 'til they finally overtake me
Open up my mouth and all you'll ever hear is singing
Put your hands within me and you'll know what I am feeling
I just want to swallow up and promise to protect them
Daddy come to touch me but he seen his hands were shaking
Looked into my eyes and he could see their bodies breaking
Pushed me to the floor and in his hand it started beating
I don't want to hear it anymore" he kept repeating
Do you really want the burning hell that we believe in?
Did you know the burning hell that took your baby brother?
Did you see how far he fell and how he made us suffer?
Another boy in town at night he took him for his lover
And deep in sin, they held each other
So I took a hammer, nearly beat his little brains in
Knowing God in heaven would have never could forgive him
So I took a hammer, and I nearly beat his little brains in
Little boy without a father or a mother
Taken to the river and then pushed into the water
And the priest was singing that the hell was getting hotter
La, la, la, laaa, la
Father, son, holy ghost
The only ones who save him
From the thing he loves the most
But we know will betray him
Father, son, holy ghost
The only ones who save him
From the thing he loves the most
But we know will betray him
"(Now he's underwater)"
And here, beneath the water...
I can see, how the light is stored so strange
And I think, this is how I...
Would like to leave...
My body, and start again

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