Frédéric Motte

Frédéric Motte

= Biography =

Frédéric "Elmobo" Motte was born in 1970 in Rethel (France). He started toying with computer music when he got his hands on his first computer in 1983.


Demoscene :

He made his first steps in the demoscene using "Moby" as moniker in 1988 by joining the Amiga demogroup Impact Inc. as a musician. Later, he joined other groups like Dragons, Dreamdealers, Alcatraz and finaly Sanity, for which he composed the soundtrack of one of the top rated amiga demo ever : Arte. In 1994, he founded with demoscene graphic artist Olivier "Ra" Bechard the PC demo group NoooN.


Video Games : In the beginning of the 90's, he starting composing music for video games. His first gigs were for Coktel Vision. In 1993, he started working as in-house composer and sound designer at Atreid Concept, a young game studio, which later on became Kalisto Entertainment. There, he produced the soundtrack of quite a few games (Nightmare Creatures 1 & 2, Dark Earth, 4 Wheel Thunder...) before leaving the company in january 2001 to go freelance again. This is when he changed his moniker to "Elmobo" because of the confusion with "the other Moby" He has since worked on a large number of games on Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, PC, Playstation 2, Wii and even mobile phones.

----Bands :

In 1998, together with guitarist Stephane "Fanalo" Alaux, he started the band Plug-In, a progressive instrumental metal band, in which he plays the bass. Plug-in released its first EP called "#0.9" in 1999, produced, recorded mixed and mastered by Elmobo. In 2002, Fanalo and Elmobo where hired by guitar god Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal as bass and guitar player to tour France, and for a few gigs in Europe. Ron Thal joined Guns n' Roses in 2006.Plug-In is about to release a new album featuring many guests like Pierre Belleville (Lofofora), Ron Thal (Guns n' Roses), Patrick Rondat, Andy Timmons, Sylvain Coudret (Scarve), Christophe Godin (Metal Kartoon)...

In 2004, Elmobo opened his own recording studio called Conkrete Studio. His studio is dedicated to metal bands, and he has already produced, recorded, mixed or mastered more than 30 albums to date.


* Impact Inc. (demogroup) - Musicdisk
* Impact Inc. (demogroup) - Vectorball
* Impact Inc. (demogroup) - Tropical Night
* Impact Inc. (demogroup) - Generation 4
* Quartex/Alliance Design - Substance (1991)
* Dragons (demogroup) - Megademo
* Angels (demogroup) - Copper Master
* Apology (demogroup) - Megademo
* Alcatraz (demogroup) - Megademo IV - Devil's Key
* Alcatraz (demogroup) - Musicdisc 1
* Alcatraz (demogroup) - More Than Music
* Proton (demogroup) - Phenomenon
* Quartex - Zetaniks
* Dreamdealers - Tales of a Dreams
* Dreamdealers - Don't Crack Under Pressure
* Dreamdealers - Innervision
* The Special Brothers (demogroup) - Live #1
* Dreamdealers/Alliance Design - Arkham Asylum
* Dreamdealers/Alliance Design - Drinktro
* Dreamdealers - Raging Fire
* Sanity (demogroup) - Arte (1993)
* NoooN - No! (1994)


* Cougar Force (1990, Coktel Vision)
* Geisha (video game) (1990, Coktel Vision)
* Galactic Empire (computer game) (1990, Coktel Vision)
* No Exit (video game) (1990, Coktel Vision)
* Gobliiins (1990, Coktel Vision)
* Abracadabra (video game) (1991, Coktel Vision)
* Fascination (video game) (1991, Coktel Vision)
* A.G.E. (video game) (1991, Coktel Vision)
* E.S.S. Mega (video game) (1991, Coktel Vision)
* Paragliding (video game) (1991, Loriciel)
* Tiny Skweeks (1992, Loriciel)
* The Tinies (1992, Kalisto)
* S.C.Out (1993, Kalisto)
* Cogito (video game) (1993, Kalisto)
* Fury of the Furries (1993, Mindscape)
* Pac In Time (1993, Konami)
* Warriors (aka Savage Warriors) (video game) (1994, Mindscape)
* Dark Earth (video game) (1995, Mindscape)
* Al Unser Jr Arcade Racing (1995, Mindscape)
* Nightmare Creatures (1996, Kalisto)
* The Fifth Element (video game) (1998, Kalisto)
* Ultim@te Race Pro (1998, Kalisto)
* 4 Wheel Thunder (2000, Kalisto)
* Nightmare Creatures II (2000, Kalisto)
* Lucky Luke - Western Fever (2000, Kalisto)
* Jimmy White's Cueball World (2001, Virgin Interactive)
* An American Tail - Fievel's Gold Rush (2001, Hokus Pokus)
* Cubix - Race'n Robots (2001, The 3DO Company)
* Super Farm (video game) (2001, Asobo)
* Popeye Rush for Spinach (video game)
* V.I.P. (video game)
* Oggy et les Cafards (video game)
* Kong - The Animated Series (video game)
* Piglet's Big Game (video game)
* Kaena, The Prophecy (video game) (Xilam Multimedia)
* The Saga of Ryzom (Nevrax)
* Magic Puz' (video game) (Magic Productions)
* Totally Spies 3 (Magic Pockets)
* Totally Spies - Totally Party (Magic Pockets)
* Dolphin Island (video game) (Magic Pockets)
* Tigerz (Magic Pockets)
* Globul-X (TV series) (Inexvivo)


* [ Plug-In] - "#0.9" (plays bass on all tracks)
* [ Audiophonik] - "Music for the Scene Generation" (electronic music compilation featuring artists from the demoscene. First track "Flow" composed by Elmobo)
* [] - "CD Concept" (plays bass on the track "Le retour de la crêpe masquée")
* [ Jenx] - "Fuseless" (Album produced by Elmobo, plays bass on the track "House of Pain")
* [ Olympus Mons] - "Numera Effa Ilïbï" (Album produced by Elmobo, plays bass on the track "Fear of Ghosts")

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