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type=Wheeled armored personnel carrier
service=1999 - present
used_by=Russian Border Guard
designer=Andrei Nikolaev
number=50± cite book|title=Jane's Armour and Artillery 2005-2006]
production_date=1999 - present
manufacturer=Kamskiy avtomobilny zavod
length=5.3 m [http://www.pancerni.abajt.pl/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=66&Itemid=78&limit=1&limitstart=1 "Pancerni 2"] ]
width=1.9 m
height=2.3 m (1.83 m without armament)
weight=10.5 metric tonnes
suspension=4x4 wheel, leaf spring
speed=90 km/h
clearance=400 mm
fuel_capacity=270 l
vehicle_range=1100km on roads
engine= KAMAZ 740.10-20 240hp V-8 cylinder diesel
crew=2 + 8 -12 passengers
2 + 6 passengers (BTR-40B)
The BPM-97 ("Boyevaya Pogranichnaya Machina" for Battle Vehicle of the Borderguard) or Выстрел (Vystrel) is the Russian military designation for the KAMAZ 43269 Vestrel 4x4 Wheeled armoured vehicle. It is still in the prototype phase and only two being produced were fitted with several different turrets like the one of the BTR-80A. The vehicle is based on the Kamaz 4326 and as the name suggests was designed for the Russian Border Guards. The latest model has bulletproof side windows and no gun turret. It has been ordered by Kazakhstan and by the MVD Internal Troops and EMERCOM.


Development began in 1997 at the initiative of the head of the Federal pogransluzhby Andrei Nikolaev. Armored vehicle meant to replace the main transport border guards the GAZ-66. But after a government funding default in 1998 and the much delayed public funding of the project finally stopped. In order to offset the cost of the development in the absence of government orders, machines were allowed to be sold to civilian companies. The armored vehicle was used for the transportation of explosives, money and valuable goods. After receiving permission in 2005, some cars were sold to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Production of the "Vystrel" is ongoing at the JSC "Remdizel" plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. Where the armoured body and KAMAZ 4326 truck chassis are integrated. [Nikolai Mordovtsev "Vystrel" gryanet ... Driving № 2 2006 g.]


The hull is made of welded Aluminum alloy - The upper part of the shell withstands hits from a 12.7x108mm - NSV machine gun with a distance of 300 metres, the lower part from 7.62x54mmR sniper rifles SVD with the distance of 30 m.

The vehicle is divided into the engine compartment and separate crew areas. The body has both side and rear doors, and roof hatches for exiting.


Armamment varies, the BPM-97 is available with pintle mounted or turret mounted 7.62mm, 12.7mm machine guns, 14.5mm KPV heavy machineguns in a BTR-80 type turret, and a combination turret with 30mm cannon and 30mm ASG-30 automatic grenade launchers.




ee also

* BTR-40 - a similar 4x4 Russian wheeled armored vehicle


* [http://www.kurganmash.ru/ Official Kurganmash website] (Russian)
* [http://www.remdizel.ru/kamaz_43269/ Official Remidzel Factory site] (Russian)
* [http://legion.wplus.net/guide/army/ta/bpm97.shtml Article at Legion]
* [http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=74261&highlight=vistrel Pics at Military phots]
* [http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5111/kamaz43269rus25jt3.jpgthe Vystrel in service] .

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