Roman Catholic Diocese of Shimoga

Roman Catholic Diocese of Shimoga

Infobox Diocese| jurisdiction=Diocese
name= Shimoga
latin= Dioecesis Shimogaensis
country= India| metropolitan=Bangalore
rite=Latin Rite
cathedral = Sacred Heart Cathedral
cocathedral =
area= 21,405
population= 7,346,000
population_as_of= 2004
catholics= 20,506
catholics_percent= 0.3
bishop= Gerald Isaac Lobo
coadjutor =
auxiliary_bishops =

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Shimoga (Latin: " Shimogaen(sis)") is a diocese located in the city of Shimoga in the Ecclesiastical province of Bangalore in India.


* November 14, 1988: Established as Diocese of Shimoga from the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bangalore and Diocese of Chikmagalur


* Bishops of Shimoga (Roman rite)
** Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo (December 3, 1999 – present)
** Bishop Ignatius Paul Pinto (later Archbishop) (November 14, 1988 – September 10, 1998)


* [ Giga-Catholic Information]
* [ Catholic Hierarchy]

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