Freiman's theorem

Freiman's theorem

In mathematics, Freiman's theorem is a combinatorial result in number theory. In a sense it accounts for the approximate structure of sets of integers that contain a high proportion of their internal sums, taken two at a time.

The formal statement is:

Let "A" be a finite set of integers such that the sumset

:A + A,

is small, in the sense that

:|A + A| < c|A|,

for some constant c. There exists an "n"-dimensional arithmetic progression of length

:c' |A|,

that contains "A", and such that c' and "n" depend only on "c".

This result is due to G. A. Freiman (1966) . Much interest in it, and applications, stemmed from a new proof by Imre Ruzsa.

ee also

*Markov spectrum


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