Uncial 051

Uncial 051
New Testament manuscripts
Uncial 051
Name Codex Athous Pantokratoros
Text Revelation of John †
Date 10th century
Script Greek
Now at Pantokratoros monastery
Size 23 x 18 cm
Type mixed
Category III

Uncial 051 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), is a Greek uncial manuscript of the Book of Revelation, dated paleographically to the 10th century.[1]



The codex contains incomplete text of Rev 1:1-11:14, 13:2-3, 22:8-14, with a commentary of Andreas's (see Uncial 052), on 92 parchment leaves (23 cm by 18 cm). The text is written in one column per page, 22 lines per page (16.6 by 10.5 cm), in uncial letters.[1] The uncial letters leaned to the right. A commentary is written in cursive letters. It has breathings and accents. The text is divided according to κεφαλαια (rarely numbered) and λογοι.

The Greek text of this codex Aland placed in Category III.[1]

In Revelation 11:17 it has additional reading και ο ερχομενος along with manuscripts 1006, 1841, and Vulgata Clementina (qui venturus es).[2][3]

The manuscript was written in Italy. In 1899 Kirsopp Lake photographed 1 page of it. In 1902 it was thoroughly examined by C. R. Gregory, who partially collated its text. Herman C. Hoskier collated and edited its text in 1929.

The codex is located in the Mount Athos in the Pantokratoros monastery (44).[1][4]

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Further reading

  • C. R. Gregory, Textkritik des Neuen Testamentes III (Leipzig 1909), pp. 1042-1046.
  • Herman C. Hoskier, Concerning The Text of The Apocalypse (London 1929), pp. 2-4.

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