SCENAR, or “Self-Controlled Energo Neuro-Adaptive Regulator”, was developed for the Russian space program to overcome the unique problems of space travel. These challenges included such things as the inability to effectively filter many pharmaceuticals from the recycled drinking water, and the need for a lightweight and effective solution for a multitude of potential ailments.

The research team was headed by Professor Revenko and included research from Professor Tarakanov, Dr. Gorfinkel, Dr. Perfiliev, Dr. Nikitin, Dr. Shvanke, Dr. Malushko, Dr. Posveshinskaya, Stefan Hohnekamp. The research and development have continued, and new techniques, probes and upgrades are continually being developed for the machine.

As with any successful invention, there are currently many imitators on the market that go by names other than SCENAR. The original devices are labeled with the word Scenar and are manufactured by the Russian Company RITM OKB ZAO.

The SCENAR devices were first released for production in Russia in the early eighties. They are TV remote-control sized devices that are powered by a 9V battery. SCENAR uses biofeedback in order to diagnose issues and stimulate the nervous system in a way that enables the body to heal itself. Biofeedback dynamics can induce remarkably rapid healing, as function by unblocking 'stuck' energy resonances and repetitive central nervous system patterns, allowing the body to heal itself.

Many of the concepts from acupuncture and other Eastern systems were considered in the development of the SCENAR, which sends electrical signals through the skin to enact bio-active substances, predominantly Neuro-Peptides, which influence tissue and control all physiological functions.

In Russia, over thirteen years of use, SCENAR devices have been found to provide rapid pain relief, regulate and normalize body function and accelerate the resolution of pathological processes with diminished symptoms. Russian SCENAR doctors and SCENAR therapists outside Russia have reported over the past years many interesting treatment results.

A "side effect" of SCENAR treatment has been that by addressing and treating one illness with the device automatically led to improvements of other symptoms. There are a few contra indications (eg. pacemakers) and after many years the Russians claim a complete absence of complications or negative "side effects".

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