Uncial 050

Uncial 050
New Testament manuscripts
Uncial 050
Text Gospel of John
Date 9th century
Script Greek
Found 1863 Brandshaw
Now at Dionysiou monastery
State Historical Museum
National Library of Greece
Christ Church, Oxford
Size 32.5 cm by 24 cm
Type mixed
Category III

Uncial 050 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), Cι1 (von Soden), is a Greek uncial manuscript of the New Testament, written on parchment. Palaeographically it has been assigned to the 9th century.[1] Formerly it was labelled by O or We.[2]



The codex contains the text of the Gospel of John, with a numerous lacunae, on 19 parchment leaves (32.5 cm by 24 cm). Some leaves have survived in a fragmentary condition. The text is written in one column per page, 5-9 lines per page, 17-24 letters in line. The uncial letters are large. It has breathings and accents.[3][4]

The biblical text is surrounded by a catena.[1] The text of commentary is written in minuscule.

It contains text John 1:1.3-4; 2:17-3:8.12-13.20-22, 4:7-14, 20:10-13.15-17.[5]

Verse 21:25 is repeated twice and 20:17 even thrice.[3]


The Greek text of the codex is mixed with the Byzantine, Alexandrian, and Western readings. Several times it concurs with Papyrus 75 (John 2:17; 3:12 etc.). Aland placed it in Category III.[1]

In John 3:12 it has textual variant πιστευετε (you believe) – instead of πιστευσετε (you will believe) – along with the manuscripts Papyrus 75 and Uncial 083.[6]


Possibly the codex was written in Athos peninsula.[3] The Moscow fragment was brought from the Dionysiou monastery.[3]

The fragment John 4:7-14 (three leaves) was discovered by Bradshaw in 1863. Kitchin show it for Tischendorf (1865).[3][7]

It was examined by Tregelles.

The codex is divided and located in four places. 2 leaves are housed at the Εθνική Βιβλιοθήκη (1371) in Athens, 7 leaves in the Dionysiou monastery 2 (71), in Athos, 7 leaves in the State Historical Museum (V. 29, S. 119), and 3 leaves in the Christ Church, Oxford (Wake 2,3).[1]

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