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name = Implico

type = Public
foundation = Hamburg, Germany (1983)
location_city = Hamburg
location_country = Germany
locations = 5 Offices (2008) at 2008-07-24
area_served = Worldwide
industry = IT Consulting and Software
products = SAP® OGSD
services = Software Consulting and Developing Company
employees = Approx 250 (2008)
parent = Implico GmbH (Germany)
subsid = [ Implico, Inc. (US)]
Implico Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
[ Implico, Ltd. (UK)]
[ Implico AG (Switzerland)]
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[ Implico] is an international consulting and software company. They support their customers in the optimization of their business processes. Implico offers integrated consulting and implementation services.

One of the main focuses is the mineral oil industry. Apart from consulting services Implico offers two standard products: The in-house developed software SAP® OGSD (Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution) and the logistics solution OpenTAS®.

Another main focus is the municipal and private waste and recycling industry. In national and international projects Implico optimizes processes, especially on the basis of the industry solution SAP® Waste and Recycling.

Additionally Implico offers the in-house developed solution OpenSystemPersonal (OSP) for personnel management in the health care sector and the shipping industry.

The company was founded in 1983. The Implico Group is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and has further subsidiaries in the UK, Malaysia, Switzerland and the USA. The dynamically growing Implico Group has currently about 250 employees.



[ OpenTAS®]
OpenTAS® has been specifically developed for clients operating within the oil, gas, and chemical industries. It is an open terminal administration and automation system dealing with all functions of refinery, terminal, and dispatch automation as well as service station replenishment. The modular design and the open interfaces guarantee flexibility through the integration into other systems. It covers all communication and logistic needs - from refineries, company owned terminals through to third party storage and service operation as well as the management of service stations and common depots. OpenTAS® caters for all incoming and outgoing goods by any transport mode, stock management and reconciliation and exchange, contract and quota management at depot and company level. OpenTAS is [ SAP® certified.]

[ SAP® OGSD (Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution)]
SAP® OGSD was developed by Implico and is marketed and sold by SAP worldwide. It provides capabilities to manage finances, sales, supply chain, and customer relationships for the downstream industry. SAP®'s customer relationship management and business intelligence solutions are integrated with SAP® OGSD and provide the ability to communicate with value chain partners, as well as measure business performance for processes across the enterprise. The solution optimizes transportation routing and enables communication with the transporter; so delivery status is always known. Order placement, transportation scheduling and logistics, delivery fulfillment and terminal automation are included as a part of this product. The pre-packaged, integrated solution was designed for quick implementations - which can be accomplished in less than 4 months.

OSP (OpenSystemPersonal)
OpenSystemPersonal is a personnel administration and management software. It covers the areas of personnel planning and control, production of staff schedules and strategic personnel development. Originally developed for the German market, Open System Personal takes account of legal requirements and social security aspects in Germany. Special modules have been created for the health services sector and shipping industry. Open can interface to existing systems.


In order to achieve optimal integration of the solutions partnerships are core to Implico’s strategy. [ Implico partners] for example with KPMG, Hewlett Packard, CapGemini, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP AG, Siemens Business Services, and T-Systems.

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