Jetstorm (Beast Machines)

Jetstorm (Beast Machines)

Transformers character
name =Jetstorm

caption =The Vehicon Jetstorm
affiliation =Vehicon
subgroup =Deluxe Vehicles
Ultra Vehicles
rank =9 (Deluxe)
9.5 (Ultra)
function =Aero-Drone General
partner = Tankor and Thrust
motto ="I am not bound by the law of the land." (Deluxe)
"Cruelty is perhaps, the most enjoyable sin." (Ultra)
alternatemodes =Cybertonian Jet Fighter
series ="Beast Machines"
voiceby =Brian Drummond

Jetstorm is a fictional character from the Transformers toyline that appeared in the "Beast Machines" series.

Beast Machines

He is a Vehicon General who was in charge of the Aero-Drones. He carried the spark of the Maximal Silverbolt.

Animated series

Jetstorm was one of the three original Vehicon generals, along with Tankor and Thrust who were created to help Megatron command his drones. Jetstorm was probably the most enthusiastic of the Vehicon Generals. An arrogant and rather talkative fighter, Jetstorm usually joked and mocked the Maximals but also hid a harsh and purely vindictive personality. He loved his job of tormenting the Maximals, and was always cuttingly sarcastic in battle.

He was completely loyal to Megatron, despite his huge ego, and did not tolerate treachery from the other Generals. He commanded the Aero-Drones, who he quickly became annoyed with for their incompetence. Jetstorm never took responsibility for his own failures. To him, his efforts were flawless and someone else was always at fault. He is alternative mode was a metallic blue Cybertronian Attack Jet.

Each of the three original Vehicon Generals had their own personalized command codes; Jetstorm's was: "Jetstorm Afterburn!!!"

Despite their past rivalry, he and Thrust formed an actual friendship, even though the idea of having a friend seemed absurd at first to Jetstorm. However, Jetstorm despised the other Vehicon General, Tankor, thinking him to be a stupid lug who always got in the way.

Blackarachnia soon realized of Jetstorm's former identity when she accidentally pored organic liquid over the Vehicon general. This caused Silverbolt's personality to reawaken, causing her to realize that Jetstorm housed his spark (not Thrust), in whom she originally believed). After coming to the realization, she tried to do everything in her power to convince him of who he really was. Unlike Thrust, Jetstorm had no memory flashes of his former past and therefore no soft spot for the female spider. Instead he was constantly annoyed by her efforts and attempted to kill her on several occasions.

In the end, Blackarachnia tricked Jetstorm to transform back into Silverbolt by using organic core liquid and a spark extraction device compiled with a DNA scanner. This caused the war to become more personal for Thrust, who called Jetstorm his only friend. Thrust would then do all in his power to try to make the "traitor" pay. In his final battle against Silverbolt, he declared "Let me show you how we deal with traitors, Jetstorm!"

According to Bob Skir's web site the producers were originally going to call the character Skybolt, but had to change the name for trademark reasons. According to the DVD commentary for "Beast Machines" they changed the name from Skybolt to Jetstorm because the name Skybolt was so close to Silverbolt they feared people would guess they were the same person.


*Beast Machines Deluxe Jetstorm (2000):There were three toys of Jetstorm, a Deluxe, a larger Ultra version and a tiny McDonalds Happy Meal kids toy. The appearance of the two larger toys does not resemble the TV show character accurately, like many "Beast Machines" models. The Deluxe sized Jetstorm toy was redecoed into Robots in Disguise Autobot Stormjet and the Decepticon Jhiaxus. It was later used to make "Transformers: Universe Skywarp. [] [ [ Jetstorm - Beast Machines Transformers - Toy Gallery ] ]

*Beast Machines Ultra Jetstorm:The Ultra Jetstorm toy was redecoed slightly in Japan to make it more show-accurate. The Botcon Exclusive Cyclonus, who appeared in the "Transformers: Universe" - Wreckers comic series was a repaint of "Beast Machines" Ultra Jetstorm. [] [ [ Jetstorm - Beast Machines Transformers - Toy Gallery ] ]

*Beast Machines Happy Meal Jetstorm:he Happy Meal version of Jetstorm was released in a variety of colors in Australia in Red Robin's restaurants, including green and red variants.

A little bit of trivia about Jetstorm is that although he never walks on the ground in "Beast Machines", his toy has fully articulated legs and feet.


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