Thrust (Beast Machines)

Thrust (Beast Machines)

Transformers character
name = Thrust

caption = The Vehicon Thrust
affiliation = Vehicon
subgroup = Deluxe Vehicles
function = Cycle-Drone General
partner = Jetstorm and Tankor, later Obsidian and Strika
motto = "There are no rules on the road - only victors and scrap metal."
alternatemodes = Cybertronian Motorcycle
series = "Beast Machines"
voiceby = Jim Byrnes

Thrust is a fictional character from the Transformers toyline that appeared in the "Beast Machines" series.

Beast Machines

He is a Vehicon General who was in charge of the Cycle Drones and was one of the few who remained an ally to Megatron until the very end. He carried the spark of the Predacon Waspinator.

Animated series

Thrust was one of the original three Vehicon Generals, and he was the last one to fall against the Maximals in the series finale. He is the loner, mysterious and brooding, and prefers to operate on his own agenda. Thrust rarely speaks, and when he does, it usually doesn't excel above a raspy whisper. To the surprise of all, Thrust was actually the reprogrammed Waspinator. [ [ Deluxe Beast Machines: Thrust ] ]

Thrust almost never loses his cool, and is almost fearless. He'll even let his boss, Megatron, know when he's done something stupid, something which the cowardly Waspinator would never have done. Thrust even once told his leader that using the sparks of Rhinox and Silverbolt for Jetstorm and Tankor had been a bad idea as they had once been “pals” of Optimus.

Each of the three original Vehicon Generals had their own personalized command codes; Thrust's was: "Thrust Overdrive!!" (though on one occasion he said: "Thrust Accelerate!" as a joke)

Despite his preference for solitude, he considered his fellow Vehicon General Jetstorm to be his best friend, disregarding some of their past rivalries. As for Tankor, "He's a nice guy... little dim". He despised the next generals, Obsidian and Strika simply because they replaced the original cast and because they treated him like an outsider, despite the fact that he had been there the longest. Not until Megatron had been thought dead and Obsidian and Strika had joined forces with the Maximals despite Thrust’s assurances that Megatron would return, did the new generals respect Thrust, for he had been loyal when they had not. While he was still not considered an equal, they from then on let him in on their plans.

Unlike all the other Generals, Thrust would remain loyal to Megatron to the bitter end. His friendship with Jetstorm would eventually turn into a white-hot hatred when the Jetstorm reverted back to Silverbolt, his old Maximal self.

Thrust was the only one of the original three Vehicon Generals who was able to remember on his own that he used to be someone else. For a while, Blackarachnia believed that this someone else was Silverbolt, since Thrust kept displaying a soft spot for the she-spider. She was disappointed to learn that Thrust wasn't Silverbolt, but the Predacon Waspinator. Waspinator had been left on prehistoric Earth, to be worshiped by the early humans, but Waspinator accidentally boringly flung a pebble at a human who was building a statue to worship his "godlike" performance, and chased him off. Somehow he returned to Cybertron where his spark was extracted by Megatron and reprogrammed into Thrust. Waspinator was actually very pleased to be inside the "cool biker-bot" because "Chick-bots dig 'brooding loner' bit! "

In the final episodes, his Cycle-Drones extracted the sparks of all the Maximals except Optimus Primal. After using Silverbolt's hatred of being called Jetstorm to trick him into having a tower dropped on him, Thrust was caught in a fierce battle with Cheetor, which was ended when Cheetor extracted Waspinator's spark from Thrust. When all of Cybertron had been reformatted, Thrust became Waspinator again - with a twist. He was now a tiny wasp with the Vehicon General's head.

3H Enterprises

"Beast Machines" Thrust appeared in the "Transformers: Universe" comic book among those escaping Unicron.

Fun Publications

Thrust was a minor background character appearing in Fun Publications fiction "Gone to Far", a text-based story set on Transtech Cybertron.


*Beast Machines Thrust:A Deluxe sized toy was released for Thrust by Hasbro. His Cycle-Drones were made into Basic sized figures utilizing brand new molds. Oddly enough the Cycle-Drone toys looked more like Thrust in the television series than the Thrust toy did.

*Happy Meal Thrust:A smaller version of Thrust was also made as a toy which was included in children's fast food meals.

*Beast Wars Returns Thrust:A redeco of the Motorcycle Drone toy that was only released in Japan, as part of their 2005 "Beast Machines" (called "Beast Wars Returns" there) line. This version is far more show-accurate than the original, owing to its more recent mold and the fact that the show had been around for a longer time when it was released.


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