Palilalia is the repetition or echoing of one's own spoken words, [ [ Tourette Syndrome: A Glossary of Terms.] Tourette Syndrome Association. Retrieved on 2007-06-10.] and may sound like stuttering. It is a complex tic, like echolalia and coprolalia. [ [ Primer on Tourette syndrome.] Tourette syndrome Plus. Retrieved on 2007-06-10.] All can be symptoms of Tourette syndrome, [ [ Tics and Tourette's syndrome.] Postgraduate Medicine Online. Retrieved on 2007-06-10.] Asperger syndrome, [Attwood, Tony. [ Motor clumsiness.] The Source. Retrieved on 2007-06-10.] or autism. [ [ Reducing Palilalia by Presenting Tact Corrections to Young Children with Autism.] "Journals of the Association for Behavioral Analysis". Retrieved on 2007-06-10.]

Palilalia comes from the Greek πάλιν ("pálin") meaning "again" [el icon [ Triantafyllidis Online Dictionary] , "πάλι", Retrieved on 2007-06-11] and λαλιά ("laliá") meaning "babbling, meaningless talk" [el icon [ Triantafyllidis Online Dictionary] , "λαλιά", Retrieved on 2007-06-11] (from the verb λαλείν ("laleín") meaning "to talk").


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