Battle of Szina

Battle of Szina

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=Battle of Szina
partof=the Hungarian campaign of 1527-1528
campaign=Hungarian campaign of 1527-1528

date=March 20 1528
place=near Seňa (Szina), near Košice, in Slovakia
result=Decisive Austrian victory
combatant1=Hungarian Kingdom of Szapolyai, with serbs and transylvanians, Szapolyai-party hungarians and polish mercenarys
combatant2=Habsburg Monarchy
Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburg-party Hungarians
commander1=János Szapolyai
commander2=Johann von Katzianer,
Bálint Török
The Battle of Szina ( _sk. Bitka pri Seňa, _hu. Szinai csata) took place in Seňa (hung. Szina, now Abaújszina). The battle was fought on March 20, 1528, between hungarian king János Szapolyai and commander of Bálint Török and Johann Katzianer, styrian mercenary-commander of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, together with Duke of Austria. In the battle Szapolyai for the second timewere military defeated.


After the Battle of Mohács János Szapolyai voivod of Transylvania was ascend the hungarian throne. The Jagiellon dynasty and the Habsburgs in 1515 enter into a marital contract, in pursuance of the contract the expectant of the Hungarian Holy Crone the austrian archduke.
Ferdinand in 1527 was mount an offensive againts King John, and into the Battle of Tarcal (near Tokaj) be a match.

Szapolyai was recruit a new army, and in 1528 with transylvanian, polish and serbian forces push in Hungary. Few hungarians hook on sy Szapolyai and his total army was already approx. 15 thousand men.
The slovenian descent Johann von Katzianer and Bálint Török was trail to againts Szapolyai. The hungarian-austrian-german army (approx. 13-14 thousand men) near Košice join battle with Szapolyai's army.

The Battle

Török and Katzianer was cover of Košice and the capital Buda. During in Szapolya's army break discordance between the serbian and polish mercenarys.
The hungarian cavalrys and infantrys was not aright qualified like the german infantrys (the landsknechts), so as good as was the polish mercenarys gallantly struggle againts the austrians. In the battle killed 300 polish soldier, till then the hungarians lost approsimately few thousand men.
Bálint Török and Lajos Pekry be after Szapolyai, thath break away in Poland. Inasmuch as Sigismund I the Old not proclaim war it Austria, Szapolyai apply to Suleiman I, Sultan of Ottomans for help.
Suleiman into Transylvania send Peter voivod of Moldavia. Voivod Peter in the Battle of Feldioara defeat Ferdinand and the Ottoman army (with the moldavians and serbs) besieged Vienna.


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