BiFi (snack)

BiFi (snack)

BiFi is a German brand of sausage-based snacks manufactured by Unilever Germany. In the original version, it is a thin, jerky-like salami; variations include a poultry-based salami, a salami wrapped in a white or wheat roll (BiFi Roll and BiFi Roll Korn), a roll filled with beef, beans and bacon (Ranger), and a roll filled with salami, cheese, and pizza sauce (BiFi Carazza). Larger versions of several of these products, distinguished by the ending "XXL," are available; these include the original BiFi, BiFi Roll, and BiFi Carazza.

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  • BiFi — ist eine Marke des Unilever Konzerns.[1] Ursprünglich bezeichnete BiFi nur das erste Produkt der heutigen Produktpalette: einen Mini Salami Snack. Inzwischen gibt es 13 verschiedene Varianten dieses Produkts. Der Name BiFi ging aus dem Klang der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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