List of Pakistani spices

List of Pakistani spices

Pakistani spices (Urdu: پاکستانی مصالہ‏ ) The following is a partial list of spices commonly used in Pakistani cuisine:

* Kaju Cashewnut
* Kala Namak or Sanchal Black salt
* Kali Mirch Black peppercorn
* Kali Mirchi Black Pepper
* Kalonji Nigella seed
* Kasoori Methi Dried fenugreek leaf
* Katira Gum Gond Katira
* Kebab Cheeni Allspice
* Kesar Saffron
* Kesar miri miri Saffron pulp
* Khajur Dates
* Khus Khus Poppy seed
* Kokum Garcinia indica
* Lahsun Garlic
* Lavang Cloves
* Limu Lime
* Mausammi Sweet lime
* Menthulu Fenugreek Seeds
* Methi leaves Fenugreek leaf
* Methi seeds Fenugreek seed
* Namak Salt
* Nimbu Lemon
* Osmanli onion peelings
* Pilli Mirchi Yellow Pepper
* Pudina Mint
* Pyaz Onion
* Rai Black mustard seed
* Rai Kuria cracked mustard seeds
* Ratin jot Alkanet root
* Safed Mirchi White Pepper
* Saji na phool Citric acid
* Sarson mustard seed
* Sarson ka Tel Mustard oil
* Saunf/Sanchal Fennel seed
* Shahi Zeera Black cumin seed
* Shitu lima seed skin
* Sirka Vinegar
* Soa sag Dill
* Sonth Dried ginger powder
* Surq Mirch Red chili
* Surq Mirch powder Red chili powder
* Suwa or Shopa Aniseed
* Taj Cinnamon
* Tartri Citric acid
* Tez Patta Malabathrum
* Til Sesame seed
* Tulsi Holy Basil
* Vanilla
* Zaafraan Saffron
* Zaitun ka Tel Olive oil
* Zeera Cumin seed

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